Addicted to Him

Addicted to Him

This is yet again another MJ love story but with a wicked twist >:D
This story is actually based on the movie ''Obsessed'' but Ivana and I are changing, adding/taking things in/out and switching up a few things.

''This story belongs to Ivana and Keke''

Chapter 1

The New Dancer (written by Keke)

''August 1st, 1987''


The sun was hovering above the horizon and illuminating its light through the windows. I watched silently as the tiny dust particles captured by the light were smoothly gliding through the air in all directions.

I kicked back the sheets off my legs and quickly slid off the bed. The tingly sensation still buzzed on my arm and thigh from where Michael had tenderly caressed me just minutes before. I smiled to myself at the memory as I quietly opened the master bedroom door and stepped out into the hallway.

Pictures, scenery, and other decorative objects were placed along the walls; a small glint of light bouncing off the objects from the sun shown through the large window at the end of the hall. I walked along side of one of the rails of the large grand staircase; passing by a large portrait with Michael, Valentina, and I.

Valentina was Michael's and I first child together since we married back on May 17th of '83, and we've kept her hidden from the media ever since. Michael and I wanted to have more children but due to our strict schedule and Michael's first solo tour, ''Bad'', beginning next month, we didn't have time. And Michael and I wanted Valentina to have as much as a normal childhood as possible without being bombarded by flashing cameras and appalling questions every time she steps out into the public.

~Once we were able to take her home from the hospital, we literally had to travel up toward the roof for a helicopter to take us home. Fans and paparazzi had blocked every exit off and were trying to push their way into the hospital. It was a scary experience since I was afraid of heights (but I've later overcome that fear) and that several fans and reporters found a way inside and were chasing us down the halls. Thankfully, a few bodyguards were able to keep them back as we quickly ascended the spiral staircase up to the roof.

Unfortunately, they were knocked down as more fans and reporters gathered and shoved their ways through, and it didn't take long for a few of them to catch up. Just as Michael and I reached the top platform, a reporter had grabbed onto on my sweater and yanked me backwards. I lost my footing and started falling backwards with Valentina in my arms. The only thing I was most concerned about was Valentina's safety; Michael acted quickly by quickly wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me back. The reporter still had his hand attached to my sweater and Michael kicked him away. The man grunted and fell down the steps; tripping up several fans and other reporters.
Michael still had his arm wrapped around me as he pushed open the exit door and quickly hurried me along to the aircraft. He helped me aboard before pulling himself and sliding the door closed. Just as the helicopter began lifting, the mixture of parties burst through the door toward us. But by then we were already halfway up.

I had glanced down at Valentina, and surprisingly she slept through the whole event. But then I heard Michael slightly yell, "Oh my God!" in astonishment. By the time I gave him my full attention, he had slid the door of the helicopter open and was pulling someone in.

My eyes widen as I had realized what suddenly surprised him. A fan had grasped the land skid of the aircraft and was hovering over a hundred feet in the air clinging to her life.

After Michael pulled her to safety, he asked her a dozen questions concerning if she was hurt or anything. Once he was informed that she was fine, just a bit scared, she asked if she could see Valentina. Michael looked at me for my approval and I hesitantly nodded, handing Valentina to Michael.

Valentina had a mixture of both of our physical features. She had Michael's eyes, lips, and ears. She had my nose and face structure. She had a head full of black hair (which gave me terrible heart burns) and her skin was the mix-shade of caramel and milk chocolate.

The girl was awed and had congratulated us both. When we finally landed at NeverLand, Michael got a ride for the girl and politely but firmly told her not to speak about Valentina to the media. And thankfully, she didn't utter one word to them.~

Once I reached the white wooden door with a Valentina's name printed in gold at the top and several princess and angel/fairies sticker themes attached to it, I quietly but slowly opened the door. I peeked inside and saw Valentina lying on her side clutching a MJ doll Michael bought her. The red and pink sheets covered her tiny body, and her medium black hair partially covered her face.

I silently walked toward the single bed and lightly brushed her hair from face and pulled the covers up some more. I smiled down at her, and then studied her room.

The walls and carpet were a shade of light pink, a white dresser sat diagonally in the corner of the room near the window shielded by a light pink curtains with ''Princess Valentina'' printed on it. On top of the dresser sat a small, pink boombox with a black CD collector full of some of Michael's albums and other artists. A small pink bookcase full of children books was next to her nightstand which held her fairy theme lamp. Posters of Michael, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and small family portraits were hung among her wall. A white clothes hamper basket was in another corner with just a few clothes inside already. Across from her was the wide walk-in closet filled with her seasonal costumes, outfits, dresses, and shoes. A slightly large princess toy box was next to the closet, and a few barbie collectibles were underneath her bed.

I bent down and kissed her forehead before leaving the room and shutting the door. She usually didn't wake up until at least three afters we left.

I made my way back down the hall and back into the bedroom, closing the door behind. I went into the bathroom and grabbed my purple toothbrush. I rinsed it before I applied toothpaste and began brushing.

Just then, Michael slides the blurred glass shower door and wraps a towel around his waist as he steps out. His skin is glistening and his hair is thoroughly washed. I glance at him and he flashes me a smile. And every single time, I blush and look away.

He casually walked over and grabbed his red toothbrush, rinsing it and applying toothpaste. We stood there for a couple minutes in silence in exception of the sink water running and our brushing.

Just as I was about to bend down to rinse out my mouth, Michael bumped me to the side with his hip.

"Excuse me," he grinned devilishly, quickly rinsing out of what remained of the toothpaste in his mouth and on his toothbrush.

I rolled my eyes and bumped him back which caught him off guard and made him stumble. I stifled back a laugh as I did the following of what he did seconds earlier.

He pursed his lips and bumped me back harder just as I was placing my toothbrush back. I gave him a look and he laughed. I put my toothbrush away and quickly yanked off his towel, smacking his butt in the process. He jumped in surprised as I walked out the bathroom and into the bedroom. I removed my pajamas and placed them in the basket. When I turned around, Michael was standing in front of me with his arms crossed and the towel back on his waist. His eyes traveled over my body before meeting my gaze again.

I put my hands on my hips and shifted my weight on one leg. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

His tongue glided over his lips before saying, You gon' let me hit that or what?"

I laughed and hit his arm. "You're sick..."

He chuckled. "I'm just messing with you. But seriously, Tati," he cooed as he wrapped his arms around me and bringing me closer. "it's been a while, and besides, we need more kids in this house. It gets lonely with just the three of us all the time."

I sighed. "As much I want to, we don't have time for any more kids. And getting me pregnant will piss off Frank like it did last time we had last-minute sex, and it'll post-pone the tour."

He rolled his eyes. "Frank will be fine. And last time, I didn't use protection. I'll be extra careful this time. Please??"

He gave me the puppy-dog stare that made me give in so many times. I groaned inwardly. "Fine. But if I get yelled at by Frank, you're a dead-man."

He planted wet, tingling kisses along my neck and jaw-line. "I'll handle Frank. You just relax."

I did as he told me just as he lied me down on the bed and climbed on top. He pecked my lips several times before gently nibbling on my bottom lip and trailing his hands down my body.

I lightly pushed him back. "You didn't forget about the tight schedule did you?"

He shook his head. "Of course not. Why?"

"Because I have to take a shower and do my hair and--"

"We can be a couple minutes late. Don't worry about it." He glanced up at the clock and back down at me. "We have approximately about an hour and fifteen minutes. I'll make our brief time worth it."

After we arrived at the studio, Frank was a bit agitated at our tardiness; complaining about how it would affect our rehearsals and such. Michael calmed him down of course and told us to began our stretching routine while he worked a bit on his vocals.

Kierra, Michael's back-up dancer and my best friend for two years, smirked at me as she placed her legs in a V shape and slowly stretched forward. "You suck at hiding it so you might as well quit trying."

I arched a brow as I stretched out one leg. "Suck at hiding what??"

"That glow on your face. We all know that you and Michael been screwing." She said a bit too loudly as she arched her back.

I looked around and several other dancers giggled/chuckled to themselves, and Michael looked back at us. Frank and all the others didn't hear but I was still embarrassed.

"Dang, Kierra, can you be a bit more quieter before you blurt something like that out?"

She laughed to herself. "I'm sorry. It was an accident."

"Ha-ha," I replied sarcastically.

She lightly nudged me shoulder. "C'mon Tatiana, you know I didn't mean to. I love you!" she grinned.

I couldn't help but smile back and lightly punched her arm. "Yeah, I love you too."

Frank stopped our stretching routine and told us to get in position for the first dance routine. Just as we were about to, the double doors swung open, and in walked a girl with fair-skin, black locks, and green piercing eyes. She wore a pair of black sweatpants, a blue t-shirt, and a pair of white sneakers with a grey gym bag hung on her shoulders.

I leaned towards Kierra. "Who's she?" I whispered.

Kierra shrugged. "No idea,"

"Raven!" Frank exclaimed, "You made it. I'm guessing you got lost?"

She blushed with embarrassment. "Yeah, I, um, took a few wrong turns."

"Well, that's fine. You're new to the city and everything, I'm sure you'll get used to it pretty soon. Anyway, just stand to the side and watch. You'll pick it up pretty soon." Raven moved to the side and sat her bag down and leaned against the wall.

I glanced at Michael who gave me an uneasy look. He never told me that he and Frank were planning on getting a new dancer. I didn't see why we needed one. Especially another female. But I decided to let it go just for now. I'll talk to Michael about it later.

Michael gestured toward the band for them to start the music. The beat of ''Wanna Be Startin' Somethin''' began and Michael began his own self-routine. We waited until the final beat before Michael begin to sing to start dancing.

Raven watched us intently, studying our every move. But every now and then, she would cast a glance at Michael and I could see lust dancing in her eyes. This is exactly why I told Michael I didn't approve of him having girls as back-up dancers but he'd never listen. I still remember the story about Billie Jean, how she began to drive Michael mad by stalking him constantly and sending frightening letters. Imagine what a fan back-up singer could do to him at such close range.

I sighed to myself. I actually had countless nightmares about how someone could harm him but I've never told him about it. I didn't want to burden him in any way.

After an hour of rehearsal, we took a break. Frank was talking to Raven, and everyone else was talking and lounging around. I walked over to Michael and took a hold of his arm.

"Hey," he smiled down at me.

I smiled uneasily. "Hi,"

He stared at me for a moment. "You alright?" he asked, pushing back a few strands of my hair.

A few vivid scenes from my nightmares were toying with my mind. "I'm fine," I lied, "just a bit tired.."

He removed his arm from my hold and wrapped it tightly around me, and kissed my forehead. "I love you."

I smiled to myself. "I love you too."

''I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Ivana will be writing the next, so hers will definitely be better than mine :p''


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