The Punk and the Princess

The Punk and the Princess

Asher Jett hated life. She hated people, her house, her schoolmates. She ecspecially hated things that other girls liked, such as princesses and glitter and such...Until she came in contact with it. Then, she didn't have much of a choice.

Draisy was a princess, born in a land where conflict is non-existent. She loved people, glitter, bright colors, and especially animals. Now, she is tumbling down a hole into a dark, dismal closet.

They collide....

Chapter 1

Animal? Might as well be.

by: Hyouka
"Asher, I don't know how you do it."

I roll my eyes at the chubby officer in the front seat, drinking his coffee with such force that I wonder if it hurts.

"I don't do anything." I say roughly. "I do it all the time."

He looks back at me. "That's the problem. Your brothers are getting sick of you running away like's so irrational, Asher. Don't you ever get tired of it?"

"I haven't yet, and I'm not planning on it anytime soon." I hope that he'll stop the conversation.

And I'm not disappointed. With a heavy sigh, the cop turns his head away from me and doens't speak again.

The ride back to my house is awkward and anticipating. I can never tell what i'm going to find when I get back to my house--my brothers often change their punishments. Sadly, they can be quite creative with their options.

When we reach home, my brothers are nowhere to be found. The officer stands outside the house as i walk inside, obviously expecting me to pull out a gun or something.

I just hope he doesn't find that dead mouse in the back of his car until it starts to stink.

I sit on the rugged couch in our run-down living room and turn on the TV. There isn't any food in the fridge, it's completely empty, and so I go to my room to find my secret stash of food.

It's been an extremely long day, and i don't have any reason to stay awake.

So I don't.



My eyes flash open, my ears ringing like crazy. I know that i've heard something.

As fast as I can, I scoop up the heavy metal baseball bat from beside my bed.

"Ted..." I say, naming off one of my brothers. "....If you dare put another animal in my closet, I am going to--"

I hear a whimper from inside the closet, obviously not animal. Taking my hamster, Torch, from his cage, I slowly open the door.

It's a girl.

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