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Chapter 1

will you?

Dear You reading this,

If you could please only send me messages that are important that would be great... It's just, my mallbox get filled with messages that I dont read or anything... I'm not trying to be rude, sorry if I do... I just don't get on everyday that much like every other day mostly. But yeah..and On the 18 through the 22 on june(this month) ill be gone to camp so...please don't send random pointless messages..Please! cause I cant check my messages or anything....for those PLEASE only send a message during those days if its important or if its a a HP or A.C story...but messages like "Hi" and stuff do send those lol I just wont be able to replay soon... so yeah...

But still, try not to send pointless random messages to me, cuz my message box get very full..and yeah..but to people I doo talk too Izzy, Diana, others do send me messages :), i just dont time to go through every msg soo ueah...
Thank you for reading and understanding...its just im kinda busy laterly so yeah.... thanks again

one more thing could you friend my friend zoepinkgirl101

~Zoey master assassin

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