Critical-A Nick Jonas Series

Critical-A Nick Jonas Series

hey guys so I decided to come back to Quibblo!! It's been a while so here's my frist story in a long time. Please comment!!! I need 2 for the next chapter :)

Chapter 1

I Can't Do This Anymore

(nick getting ready for the first day of high school)

Ryan: Ready for your first day of high school

(Nick just stares at him)

Ryan: You’ll be fine.

(Nick keeps staring at him)

Ryan: Okay let’s go.

(Nick’s walking in the hallway and then trips and falls.)

Zac: Look it’s the falling fa****. (everyone laughs)

(Nick starts to tear up)

Miley: Guys leave him alone.

Zac: Look at what he’s wearing. It looks like his ugly mom dressed him.

(Nick punches Zac)

(Nick sitting in the office next to Joe)

Joe: so what you in here for?

Nick: I punched someone.

Joe: Who?

(Zac walks out of the principals office)

Nick: That guy.

Joe: Oh, that’s Zac. He’s a real douche bag. Why’d you punch him?

Nick: He called my mom ugly.

Joe: So??

Nick: My mom’s dead.

Joe: Oh…..sorry.

Nick: It’s okay. What you in here for?

Joe: just for tardies.

Nick: Oh.

Joe: Looks like Miley’s ripping Zac a new one.

Nick: (looks at window. Sees Miley yelling at Zac) Why is she doing that?

Joe: She’s Zac girlfriend. She’s always on him about his douche bag moves. She seriously could do so much better. She’s a sweetheart.

Nick: She’s pretty.

Joe: I got connections. I’ll hook you up.

(In the car ride home)

Ryan: First day at school and you’re already suspended. Unbelievable. What the hell were you thinking?

Nick: He called mom ugly.

Ryan: that’s no reason to punch him.

(Nick clenches his fists)

Kayla: Why’d you get in a fight Nick?

Ryan: Because he’s not very smart Kayla.

(Nick clenches his fists again)

(After They get home, Nick goes right to his room and starts breathing heavy and crying)

Nick: I can’t do this anymore. (sobs)

(Nick lays on his bed and starts hyperventilating)


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