Heartbreak Warfare (Zayn Malik love/devastation story)

Hi guys, this is a group story by me (Rochelle) and georgeharrison1017 . It is my first one, so please no hate ! Thanks people =D Xx

Chapter 3

Blaming myself

Mandy was asleep again. We had talked for a while, mostly about the fire and what she thought had happened. Amanda had been in her bathroom, getting ready to go out with me and the boys. As she was putting her makeup on, she had heard a loud ‘crash’ in the living room downstairs and the faint smell of smoke had reached her nose. She said she had run downstairs to see what was happening, escorted her parents safely out of the house once she saw the fire, and then sprinted back upstairs to get her 2 younger brothers out as well. The last thing she remembered was lying out the back of the house, wondering if she was going to live or die.
Anyway, I didn’t want to think about that anymore. I was so angry at myself. If I hadn’t have asked her to go out with me that night, she probably wouldn’t have been in the house and wouldn’t be in this stupid hospital right now. I knew it was stupid, but I just couldn’t stop blaming myself for what had happened. What if she hadn’t made it out of the house in ti--? I cut that thought off; I didn’t want to think about what could have happened. The important thing was that she was okay. That’s the only thing that mattered.
I quietly scraped my chair back, trying not to wake Amanda as I stood up. I had been with her for the last few hours and as a result I was pretty hungry. I figured now was a good time to get something to eat and clear my head while she was still asleep; she would never know I left.
I tiptoed out of the room and saw Delany sitting anxiously in the waiting room.
‘Is Mandy okay?’ she asked when she saw me.
‘Yes, she’s sleeping. You can go see her if you want; I am just going to get some fresh air. I’ll be back before she wakes up’, I told her.
Delany nodded and made her way into Mandy’s room. Amanda’s parents, Karen and Steve, had been here since early this morning but Delany and I had convinced them to go back to the hotel they were staying in and get some rest. There was absolutely nothing left of their house, but obviously that was the least of their worries, as Amanda was fighting for her life in Intensive Care.
I was at the canteen by now, and as I sipped my coffee I wondered how things could have turned so bad in such a short time. Everything was perfect a few days ago; hanging out with Amanda, recording a new album with the boys.
I finished the coffee and threw the cup in the trash can on my way back to Mandy. As I came around the corner, I certainly did not expect to see the boys sitting on the hard fold out chairs outside Amanda’s room.
‘What are you guys doing here?’ I asked them, shocked.
‘Paul told us what happened. I am so sorry, bro’, Liam said in a pained voice. I could tell that he was worried; they all were.
‘Everything’s going to be okay, Zayn’, Louis stated.
‘I sure hope so’, I said in response.
‘So what happened?’ Niall asked in the nicest voice possible. I really didn’t feel like going over this again, but I didn’t want to get in a fight with the boys either, so I launched into the story.
‘Do you want us to stay, Zayn?’ Harry asked.
‘Awww, nah. I’m just gonna be in there with Amanda for the whole time. You guys go home’.
‘No, we want to stay and support you’, Liam assured me.
‘Thanks guys, means a lot’, I told them, forcing a smile.
I walked through into Amanda’s room with the boys following not far behind me.
‘I’m just going to go home, I can’t stand it here much longer’, Delany said.
I gave her an apologetic nod and took her place by Mandy’s side. Even though I knew she was asleep and couldn’t hear me, I started whispering to her about the boys being here, and how much she would love them. Even though we had been friends since primary, Mandy had never met the boys. I did know she was a massive fan of us though.
‘We love carrots!!’ Lou exclaimed a bit too loudly, making us all laugh.
‘You really like her, don’t you?’ Niall asked, serious for once.
‘Yeah, I really do’.
‘What are you going to do? Are you gonna tell her how you feel?’ Liam asked me sympathetically.
‘I really don’t know, guys’, I whispered back.
With the boys here, I felt much better. I finally believed that Mandy would make it through. But there was still the matter of telling her about my feelings. I was always the guy to put other people first, and besides, this was about Amanda, not me. And I knew then that I had my answer. I would tell her, just not now. I would wait until she was better and back to her normal self.

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