Heartbreak Warfare (Zayn Malik love/devastation story)

Hi guys, this is a group story by me (Rochelle) and georgeharrison1017 . It is my first one, so please no hate ! Thanks people =D Xx

Chapter 20

The End!Happy ending?Maybe not!Read to find out!

Dels pov
"Did Zayn just punch Dominic?!"I asked,half laughing."I think so!"Lou answered."Why???"Harry questioned."I dont know,but it was kinda funny to watch"I said,smirking."Thats not a good sign"Nial answered."Good point,Im gonna go check on Mandy"I said entering the house from the garage.I jogged up the stairs hearing not-so-suttle foot steps behind me.I walked to the en dof the hall to Mandys room,"Hey why did Zayn.....Oh My God!"I practically shouted as I saw Mandys arm"What happened,Del?!"Lou shouted from the stairs."Mandy!What did happen?!"I interrigated."Dominic happened"Zayn answered for her.Lou,Harry,Niall and Liam stood shocked at the doorway."Amazayn to the rescue then,huh?!"I giggled.Mandy looked up at me with a slight smile on her tear streaked face."Just like Del,to crack jokes and use sarcasm to lighten up the mood"Liam remarked."Cause im the cheeky twin,Mandys the practical twin"I answered nodding my head."Ill get you ice Mandy"I suggested as I walked out the door,tugging the other fours wrists as a hint to leave them alone.I walked to the freezer pulled out an ice pack,wrapped it in a towel,and silently walked upstairs.I peered in through the crack where I left the door open a little,where I saw Zayn and Mandy kissing.I rolled my eyes as I turned around to see the other four standing behind me."there kissing!"i mouthed.They leaned to look through the crack,but failed,inturn knocking all of us over."aaahhh!"I shrieked as we all fell over.We were all ontop of eachother.We all laughed quietly.Mandys room door flew open,with Zayn and Mandy stairing at us laughing."Nialls clumsy"i explained."Yeah,ok,so you werent watching us?"Mandy asked,already knowin gthe answer."Why?!Were you two kissing?!"I asked sarcastically."Aw!Cute couple!"Lou smiled."Almost as cute as Louis's two carrots"Niall agreed.We all got up and walked down stair into the livingroom and sat down."So,Harry and Niall,you realize youre the only members of One direction without a girlfriend,now,right?"Zayn teased."I swear,If you start dating eachother,Lord help me!"I said,making everyone laugh.
Afterword,in Louis pov
Yeah,so Zayn proposes to Mandy five years after they started dating!They have a very beautiful wedding in Parris,which made Del have to take a plane(Zayn got an earfull for that).And of course,Del and I are engaged.Im still trying to convince her to go with the carrot themed wedding.Wish me luck with that!

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