Heartbreak Warfare (Zayn Malik love/devastation story)

Hi guys, this is a group story by me (Rochelle) and georgeharrison1017 . It is my first one, so please no hate ! Thanks people =D Xx

Chapter 2


Many thoughts were runing around in my head;one part of me wanted to drive over there now,but I knew I couldnt bring Waliyha and Safaa there."Zayn,can we go swimming at Claire and Maries,today?"Waliyha asked."Sure,where does she live?"I asked,gobsmaked at how easily that solution appeared."Right here;come on Safaa!"She said as she hopped out of the car with her younger sister.Amandas house was zbout two minutes from here.I honestly didnt think I could wait that long.I was forced to park five houses down,because of the camotion.I ran up and onto the front lawn,dispite the firetrucks and ambulences.Amandas family stood in front of the ambulence and watched the house ablaze.Amanda,however,was not with them.Was she still in the house?!She couldnt be!If she was still in the house,there was no way she was alive.She cant be dead!She has to be somewhere else;safe and sound!How could I have let her leave before I told her how I felt?!Now she may never know!A tear ran down my face.Over the sound of the sierens,I heard the faint sound of caughing;coming from behind the house.I sprinted to the back of the house an dto a pile of fallen wood.from the second floor.I saw the faint color of lime green benieth the wood.I threw the wood off of the pile,dispite their burning tempurature."Amanda!"I yelled,as I watched her lay their,uncauntious.Maybe I hadnt lost her!I have to tell her how I feel as soon as she wakes up!I cant let this go on any longer!I picked her up and rushed her to the E.M.T.,who took her away to a hospital.I found a police officer and asked,"What was the cause of the fire?!"He looked at me blankly,"We have evidence to believe it was an arson."He answered emotionless."You mean someone purposely started this house ablaze?!"I practically yelled.He nodded,as he walked to his car.
the next day
I woke up and got dress.Last night I had gotten a text from Amandas sister,Delany,saying that she had woken up,and that she kept asking where I was.I got in my car and headed for the hospital.As soon as I got there,I saw Delany sitting there,texting.She must have heard me because she stood up,slid her phone in her pocket and walked over and hugged me."Hows Amanda doing?"I asked as we walked back to the seatting area."Much better,she is sleeping right now,unlike me,who was up all night(ha,accidental 1d pun) worring about her."Delany answered."Did you hear what they said caused the fire?"I asked quietly."no,what did they say?"she asked in responce."Arson,they rhink someone purposely set the house ablaze!"I whispered back.She looked at me with a look on her face,"I know what arson means,Zayn!"she laughed."Mrs Delany?"the nurse called,as Delany looked up,"Amanda is awake and you and your friend may come see her."Delany slid her phone in her pocket and walked twards the door the her room.She turned the handle and stepped in the room,handing me the door,so it wouldnt hit me in the face.She walked in and Delany walked over and whispered something to Amanda.I was talking to Amanda,when Delany said,"Ill be back later,mandy.I have some things to do.Zayn will stay here with you."as she slipped out the door.I had to tell Amanda how I felt.

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