Heartbreak Warfare (Zayn Malik love/devastation story)

Hi guys, this is a group story by me (Rochelle) and georgeharrison1017 . It is my first one, so please no hate ! Thanks people =D Xx

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Tragedy

‘You wanna hang out with me and the boys tonight?’
‘Yeah sure, why not?’ Amanda replied. She smiled her special smile and my heart fluttered hyperactively. We were sitting on the front steps of my house casually talking, like we did every other day. Amanda was my best friend; my world. We had known each other for years. We told each other everything, and were always there when the other needed us. But lately, things had changed. I was starting to fall for her. Big time. The only problem was, I wasn’t sure whether she felt the same way. For months I had been trying to work up the courage to tell her how I felt, but I knew that if she didn’t like me back, things would always be awkward between us.
I finally found the strength to tell her how I felt. After all, what did I have to lose?
‘Amanda?’ I asked.
She seemed preoccupied; she tore her eyes from the beautiful lake in the front yard and looked at my slightly worried face.
‘What is it, Zayn?’ She asked me curiously.
‘I… I…. –You look beautiful today’ I told her passionately. She blushed, her cheeks turning a lovely pink colour. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at all her perfection.
Amanda got up from her step and smoothed out her clothes, disturbing my thoughts.
‘I should probably get home’, she said.
‘Mmm, I need to go pick up my sisters’, I replied.
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and watched as she made her way back to the house she shared with her parents and 3 siblings, just two doors down.

I had successfully made it on time to pick up my 2 sisters, and they sat talking animatedly in the back seat of my glossy red convertible. I heard one of our songs come on the radio, and turned up the volume dial so I could sing along to ‘Moments’. It sure was weird to hear yourself on the radio!
The song finished and I heard the news come on. A stabbing in the local shopping centre, a break in at my favourite restaurant. What is this world coming to? I thought to myself, shocked.
But that wasn’t the worst of it. I listened intently, while still concentrating on getting home safely, when I heard the name of my street mentioned.
‘What in the world could have happened in my street?’ I murmured quietly.
I turned up the radio enough to hear the news-woman mention a house fire at house number 12 in 54th Street. It didn’t click at first, but then my heart started beating at what felt like 100 kilometres an hour, and I felt my mouth go dry with worry.
That was Amanda’s house. There had been a fire at Amanda’s house!! Was she in the house at the time? Was she alright? Where was she now?
I tried to calm myself without alarming my sisters in the back, but I was honestly expecting the worst.

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