The Diary of Sarah Rowelle

The Diary of Sarah Rowelle

Sarah Rowelle is a thirteen year old seventh grader from Minnesota. She is a popular girl at school, but she is nice. She competes with the Vultures-that's what the people at school call Bella's group. Sarah's group is the Lions, the brave ones who stick up for the underdogs.
But will they anymore?

Chapter 1


Dear Diary,
It's Sarah again.
Will Jenny ever make up her mind? I mean seriously! At lunch today, we-Rebeka, Jenny, Blake, Jackson, Melody, and I-walked to the Lions' table, and Jenny walked straight past us and sat with the Vultures!
The Vultures are the popular mean girls at school. Their names? Bella, Willow, and Shayla. The Lions'-the group I'm apparently Alpha of-is the other popular group at school, but we're nice, and we consist of two boys, also, not just girls. Blake and Jackson are awesome-and Blake is so cute. They're both so brave, but we all are. Our peers gave us the name, because we stick up for the underdogs and "losers", we're supposedly very brave, and the lion is the bravest of all animals.
The Vultures got their names by swooping up innocent girls who were so nice, and then turning them into evil.
Sadly, I was one of them.
I'm over it now. The way I got out? Well... As soon as they started picking on the new girl at school-Jenny, who we've protected since third grade and she decides to betray all of us-I sort of screamed:
"Why do you feel the need to pick on every single person in school? What's your guys' problems? There is no excuse for this behavior! You need to cut this out! I've had it! I'm done with you guys!" and I walked away.
I almost got out of the lunch room when one sixth grade boy-this was last year-slowly starts to stand up. Then he claps. This boy was Blake. I turned around and saw him clapping and was stunned, then another girl stands-Rebeka. Then Jackson and Melody stand and clap. Pretty soon the whole grade starts to clap and cheer. Of course, I ran away and hid behind the corner, but Rebeka, Blake, Jackson, Melody, and Jenny followed me. Jenny said thank you and the rest told me how brave I was. I told them I was just pissed and I'm not really like that.
"Well you should be," said Blake. "that was amazing."
And from them on, we formed The Lions.
The Vultures just got together by being jerks, of course.
Which is why I don't understand how Jenny, the girl who's hated The Vultures longer than any of us-except me-has betrayed us! She betrayed her own! She crossed the line between goodness and evil! I couldn't believe my own eyes, and I don't think Jenny could either.
Well, it's time for dinner. See ya tomorrow.

Your Bravest Lion,

Sarah Rowelle

September 16

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