Just Call me B-e-a-utiful! (an original 7-minutes-in-heaven emo love story.)

Zisk Johnson.
Xavier Jones.
Nikki Jones (Xavier's twin sis.)
Zayn Johnson ( Zisk's twin brother. xD)
(I only created pics for Zisk and Xavier. u decide what Zayn an Nikki looks like.)

Chapter 2


I nervously comb my fingers through my hair.
"So um this is ah awkward...." I said turning bright red as I noticed Xavier sit next to me and I turn to face him. I lean back and hit my head. I curse every curse word known to man and he just laughs. "Wow Zisk ever the one to curse!" He says in between laughs.
"Shut up a**wipe." I growl.
"Make me!" (Xavier)
"Fine I will!" I yell and kiss him. we both go quiet but then he kisses me back and we keep kissing till Nikki opens the door. We blush and I walk out with him grabbing my butt and a smack his hand but we just end up kissing some more on the couch.

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