Just Call me B-e-a-utiful! (an original 7-minutes-in-heaven emo love story.)

Zisk Johnson.
Xavier Jones.
Nikki Jones (Xavier's twin sis.)
Zayn Johnson ( Zisk's twin brother. xD)
(I only created pics for Zisk and Xavier. u decide what Zayn an Nikki looks like.)

Chapter 1

my first pool party in like forever.

"Zisk!" my twin yelled. I hit him with my pillow and got up.
"What is it brat?" I asked. I was always like this every morning.
"Time to get ready for the pool party! Nikki's gonna be there! and Xavier too!" Zayn likes Nikki a lot. as for me I like Xavier but not a lot. I mean he is the quarter back on the football team and I am the cheerleader captain. "Fine! I'll get ready!" I yelled at him. when he left I put on my black fruity tutti hello kitty bathing suit. then I put on my favorite top. It was pink with zebra strips and hello kitty on it. I did my hair as I put on my jeans. Then I did my nails and makeup. I put my laptop in my bag. both have hello kitty on it. yes I am obsessed with hello kitty. Because hello kitty's so cute! I put on my hello kitty head phones and plugged em in to my iPod. I put on my black hello kitty high tops. I sprayed my H.K. perfume. I put on my H.K. hat and put my iPod in my back pocket. I walked to the bathroom and put on my spider bites, tongue, septum ring, gauges, bellybutton, and eye brow piercings.my brother's in his swimming trunks. "hey your supposed to wear a swim suit not that" he says with a smirk. "I'll change when we get there you twit." he shakes his head and we leave. when we get there its crowded. I groan as I see my ex Nix walk over. I roll my eyes and go to the bathroom to change. when I'm done I do my hair. Then I put on high heeled wedges. I exit and hand my brother my bag. "geez can't you hold your own bag?" (Zayn)
"Nope! Your my pack mule!" (Zisk.)
"OKAY EVERYONE! ITS TIME TO START 7-M-I-H!" a bunch of girls groan even me. "WOOT!" all the boys cheer even Xavier. I blush when we catch each others eyes and I quickly look away. I play a song by paramore on my iPod. "Zisky is first!" I take my headphones off and shout "WHAT!" she comes over an says "I'm tryna hook you up with my friend." I roll my eyes. "Kay" I say exasperated. I see what everybody puts in the bowl. Xavier puts in a BVB ring. I smile to myself. "time to start!" Zayn puts in his glasses. I put in the girl bowl my guitar pick. I sit on the couch and wait for the bowl to come to me. I pick the BVB ring. Xavier gets up and we walk to the closet. "so what a surprise." he says. I just nod. (TBC! tell me if it good)

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