Tik Tok- a Wiress story. (The 59TH Hunger Games.)

Hi! Welcome to Tik Tok- a Wiress story. This may not be updated, as I'm SOO busy, but thanx!! Comment and Like!

P.S It starts at the reaping and ends whenever I want!
P.P.S It shifts between Wiress and Beetee!

Chapter 1

The Reaping

Wiress POV

"Stop it, Wiress! That tickles!!" Giggled Samantha. I always wondered why Samantha had a normal name. Wiress was such a silly name, after Wires. Mum said that Samantha was named after Solar, which is a District 5 name, I think that it is way more silly, so I call her Samantha.

"That tickles Samantha!" I giggled, mimicking her. We fell into a burst of laughter. Then Samantha looked at me oddly, making me turn my head. "Wiress, you didn't forget, did you? Tomorrow's the reaping." And I gasped. I had forgot about the reaping, as usual. I always forget until I see the terrible clothes that my mother lays out. Stupid district rules. My mother loves being a district pet. Nobody knows why.

"Samantha, can we forget about the Reaping now? It's tomorrow. There's only the Reaping, then we can dine, like queens." I said, lifting a pretend crown and putting it on my head. Samantha giggled. It's what she's been doing since she was born. Mabye that's why she's got the normal name.

"But Wiress, I've never stopped thinking about it since my 12th Birthday!" She whined, making a puppy-dog face. It makes me curl up and give into her.
Of course, how could I forget? Samantha's birthday was last week. We celebrated with a make my parents spent with their rations; I gave them mine. Good news was I got skinny. The only downside to Samantha's birthday was she was eligible for the Reaping.

The Reaping. Getting your name called for the Reaping meant that you were safe or screwed. Safe being somebody volunteered for you for the Hunger Games. Screwed being nobody volunteered, and you would die in the Hunger Games. The only victor to appear in District 3 was a few years ago, the year Beetee won. He set a trap for his opponents that killed them all. He was very smart.

For some reason, whenever I think of Beetee, I think of myself. A smart, young small child, with the mind of a genuis. Beetee was 17 when he won the games. I'm 17 now. I wonder if I could win the games, if I was chosen. Mabye I could outsmart the others.

I sighed and got up, just after Samantha. She looked at me the way she always did when she was mad. It made me feel sick. We glared at each other, then I ran to my room, where my mother was folding a dress. "Hi Wiress" She said hollowly. She was only upset for Samantha, not me. Samantha hadn't even taken tessarae. I had.

"Hello mother. What's that you've got?" I asked.
"Your dress for tomorrow, silly! We want you to look nice!" She smiled at me, then kissed my head. "Lights out, sweetie." She closed the door. Silently I undressed from my clothes into my nightwear, then fell asleep feeling guilty for Samantha.

I woke up looking at my clock. "8:00" it read. I was always a deep sleeper. I got up and changed into my clothes, still feeling guilty. I decided for my neck-wear, I would wear my pearl necklace, that was given to me by my mother for my 12th Birthday. She thought I would be Reaped that year.

I went to the alleged, "Kitchen." It had dirty tiles that hadn't been scrubbed in years, a sink that only produced cold water, and a stove that only heated food. You had to burn food in this house to get the food the way you wanted. I saw Samantha and my mother eating some bread with cheese. I love cheese; the way it melts in your mouth, the way it sizzes on the stove. It smells and tastes wonderful.

"Good morning." I said stiffly, taking a seat at the small round object we call a table. It was filthy, but at least we had a home. I swear when the Reaping is over I'll clean this kitchen. Nobody has for a LONG time, trust me.

"Wiress!" Samantha said, running into my arms. Surprisingly, I hugged her back.
"She's been worried sick about today; she didn't want to eat without you." My mother commented, making me smile. I kissed the top of Samantha's head lightly and whispered in her ear, "I love you." She took her seat at the table and we began to eat.

After the meal (The cheese was SO good!) I helped Samantha with her hair. It was blonde and straight. Mine was wavy and blonde. We took after our father, so I had the same shade of hair as Samantha. Our mother's was brown, so we didn't really resemble her. I was even asked by girls in my class if she was my real mother.

I brushed Samantha's hair slowly, as she was very whiny about her hair. One tug and she would whine and moan, getting attention from our mother. When I finished brushing her hair, she pouted. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I want to be pretty, like you! All the boys at school look at you. Even Beetee glances your way." She whined. I hugged her, saying, "I wouldn't look at any of the schoolboys. Their Yuck!" I commented, making her giggle. "Samantha, your beautiful the way you are. There's no need to change." I said, making her dimples light up.

"Schoolboys ARE Yuck. But what about Beetee?" Added Samantha sneakily. I tapped her nose, giggling. "Reaping!" Called down Mother. Me and Samantha shared a smile and ran downstairs.

"Welcome! It is time to select two tributes for the 59TH Hunger Games!" Beamed the escort, Tulip Guthrie. For some reason she's really positive about the Hunger Games. She IS a Capitol citizen, after all. I hugged Samantha as she whimpered about the pricking of the finger. "You won't feel it. I promise." I said, my voice hoarse. I got my finger pricked, addressing my real name to the girl behind the desk. "Wiress McGowan" I said.

I joined the 17 year olds, trying to find my friends. I stopped short. I don't HAVE any friends. All the girls are really mean to me, calling me weird. I ignore them and draw what I think the Capitol looks like. I've never seen it. As Tulip finished her speech, she trotted over to the ladies bowl, having a gleam in her eye. "Wiress McGowan!" She said clearly.

I heard some yelling as I walked towards Tulip. It was Samantha, running towards me. She was a very fast runner, always has been, so she caught up with me quickly. "Wiress! Don't go!" She began to cry. "I have to, Sam. Please." I said, tears welling up in my eyes. Something made her stop. And she nodded, yelling, "I love you!" As the peacekeepers held her back.

"Wonderful! Was that your sister?" Asked Tulip. I felt all eyes on me as I hoarsely whispered, "Yes. Samantha. She's twelve." And Tulip beamed. "Ok! Let's go to the boys now!" And she pulled out the bottom name, the one I had my eye on. (For some WEIRD reason.)

"Jay Halley!" She read. Oh no. Jay was a wimpy boy from the twelve year old category. I knew him very well. Samantha had a crush on him once, but that all changed when she found out that he passed out in, "Dire" situations.

Jay didn't move. Tulip frowned. "Jay Halley? Is Jay Halley here today?" There were confused mutters from the crowd. "Here's here!" Yelled a girl, smirking as the peacekeepers hauled Jay onto the stage. Jay whimpered and started crying. "Wonderful!" Beamed Tulip. "Now, are there any volunteers for this young man?" She asked, Pointing to Jay, but keeping her distance. She obviously did not like whimpering boys. Nobody came up. You could hear a pin drop.

"No? And for Wiress?" She smiled at me. She obviously thought that I was going to be strong enough to win. Wrong. I would be dead by bloodbath. Nobody moved, but Samantha then broke into hysterical sobs, making tears well up, but I fought them back. I looked for the girls from my school. They all smirked at me, a pleasing look in their eye.

I frowned at them, making the leader (Sheila (What name is that for District 3?)) flinch. I smiled broadly. "No? Then please welcome your District 3 tributes for the 59TH Hunger Games, Wiress McGowan and Jay Halley!"

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