Frosty and Flyme

Frosty and Flyme

Hey Guys This About Me and My Cousin its Fictional though

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.Frosty and Flyme

by: A_Man
It was Wierd Two College Roommates That were Cousins and actully didn't thrash the place.They Were good Students but had adictions.Frosty Loved love Liquer and Flyme loved Smoking.These two would Mostly Love or lose due to what they do.Some Girls Liked It and Some Girls thought they were just two College Stoners.Frosty and Flyme had Money,Separate Cars and A pretty good Record In School.They never did it on Campus just when they really had the Urge something was Wrong.Frosty and Flyme were in a bad car accident when young and Cliam to see Some Future.Some Bad,Some Good, The always Come true.So Everyone In the family wanted Frosty and Flyme To be happy but It seemed They were only happy together.
''I wish We never had that accident"Frosty siad.
''I Just want to be Normal and have friends and not at some Crazy People School"Siad Flyme Siad.
They had no mental illness but just to make sure They never do go crazy the go to Kids Allsylum School.So one day they were invited to a party by Frosty's Big Brother.Where Frosty Discovered Ice Cold Liquer and Flyme Discoved Smoking.

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