Chapter 1


1). One thing that caught my attention is my blockmate who looks like Mikey Way from MCR... but he's like the more confident version. (not as quiet/shy)

2) For our 3-day freshman orientation, my block's TNT/ guide is crazy. We have 4 guides, but this one said "Guys, if you understand, shout SEX!!!" and we all complied and lolled.

3) In an interactive activity, we had this "loudest voice" thingo... of course the word "sex" was part, but we had a new word... "PENIS"!!! I'm officially part of team penis. :)) Lol and our guide let us cheer something and the dude who looks like Mikey Way--won't give his name--thought that the word was still penis so he almost said it. HAHA!!! LOLz...

4) Not with my block, but this was random:
This morning in the elevator, 4 guys came in. I recognized them as freshmen based on their outfits and the souvenir bag given the previous day... One of them was from School Of Social Sciences (SOSS) like me, the other 3 from another *School. One of them asked his friends, "is she a freshman?" No one replied so he asked me. I said "Yeah" in a friendly way. He asked his friend (wearing a blue shirt like me) @ what his school was. His friend said SOSS, then he asked if I'm from SOSS. I nodded. Then he asked "What school are we from?" (they were in red) I honestly didn't know, so I laughed and said "I don't know!" and he told me "Ahh, you didn't study!" and the guy from SOSS called the 3 of them "nerds"... WTF, he didn't even introduce himself and he started talking. AND WE'RE NEIGHBORS!!! If he has morning classes I might encounter him again.. -_- But I think that moment was epic in its own way though. Lol :p Oh, and some of you might be able to relate to this: his vibes or whatever you wanna call them are like Cam's from Fallen by Lauren Kate....... the way he treated me, I mean.

*We're all in the same University. The diff sectors are called schools and under those are different courses. Under each course, there are blocks, like sections.

@ we have an assigned colored shirt per School

5) With all the freshies and our guides from older batches who welcomed us like family: the song for this year's orientation is One Thing by 1D... I was forced to sing and dance along. Good thing I kinda like the tune!!! :p (not a fan of 1D, but I don't hate them like a psycho killer--the way I hate Bieber--sorry to his fangirls, I'm just expressing my opinion... you probably don't like my music either so don't argue with me. Thank you.)

6) to summarize the thing about me and my blockmates: We are blue blooded yet green minded-- you know what that last part means. :)) (Blue and white are the colors of the University)

7) How I introduced myself on the first day (we were required to give our name, what we wanna be called, age, former school, and fave anything): My name is -insert 1st, 2nd, and last name here--. Call me Stef. I'm 17 years old. I'm from Miriam College HIgh School, and my favorite band is My Chemical Romance!!!

8) The "crazy" guide loves MCR, Green Day, FOB, The Used, Leathermouth....... awesome bands!!!

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