Original poems :) Please please read and tell me what you think :)

All these poems are true...they are how i really feel..... so please don't be rude.... hope you like them.. :D

Chapter 1

History Class

by: mls13
This is A poem I wrote one day in my boring History Class...It is U.S. History that we are learning....But I hate history!!!!
(True Story)

Jamestown, American Revolution, and The Civil war
And so much more!!!
This is so Boring
Half the class is snoring...
"I wouldn't doubt this is on the star test" Our teacher said...
Honestly if every thing she said was on that test we would be dead
There would be a million questions
She starts to talk about south succession..
"Class remember Paul Reveer"
the one who warned the British are near
"The British are coming"
Sleep is what this class is becoming
The anaconda plan
She began...
Wow this is almost interesting!
But in the end it is still just History.....

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