Not In A Million Years(Hunger Games story)

this is our verison of The Hunger Games.

By:Volleyballgirl527 & Msdoneasha13

Chapter 1


Eris Pov

i signed as i just walked in the house from hunting and looked at my brother and smile. he looked at me and signed. i put our warm bread on the table and started making some tea. once i finished i cut the bread in pieces.

Travon-you went hunting?

Eris-of course i did we have to eat somehow

he nodded as i put the bread on 4 separate plates.

Eris-go get mom and Shon


he ran off into the bedroom and i signed as i sat next. i prayed that they didnt call non of my brothers or mom. this year my names was going to be in the bowl 26 times. my brother Travon was going to have his name in it 7 times while Shon was going to have it in for the first time.

i wasn't as worry about them as i was for Travon though. i mean 7 is alot for a 14 year old in my opinion. i signed as they came in the living room and i smile.


he came and sat down as we all started eating away. we havent had a warm meal in awhile since it been getting harder for me to hunt and whatnot.

mom-today there pulling names from the bowl

Eris-i know

shon-im scared

Eris-don't be, im sure your not going to get called

shon-how do you know?

Eris-your name is only going to be in the bowl one time since it's your first time

Travon-what about me?

Eris-i don't think you should worry either

mom-im worry this might be your time Eris

i signed as i looked at my mom and looked down:i know

shon-you can't get called, who's going to feed us and who's going

"I cut him off in the middle of him talking."

Eris-don't worry about it, Travis is here for us. we already got something like that planned. your going to be fine and im not going to get called.

Travon-i thought this time Travis was going to be in the bowl like 7 times?

i signed as i thought about it. He was right the more you put your name in the bowl you can get more exchange for tesserae and the better chances of your name being called.

He was only doing it for his family though. His family was just as much need as my family. That why we would sneak off together and go hunt.

mom-we should get going

i nodded as i got up and looked at them:you guys ready?


i hugged shon and signed:trust me your going to be okay

shon-i hope so

i looked at my mom and signed:we should get going

she nodded and with that we left. we walked to where everybody else were going. i signed as i stood in line for them to take some blood from me. when they finsihed i went looking for my brothers or mom but i didnt see them anywhere.


i signed as i looked at my mom and she was sitting there fixing my little sister dress.

Anubis-are we leaving soon?

mom-why are you in such a rush?

Anubis-don't want to be late

mom-we're not going to be

china-i don't want to go

mom-i know sweetie its hard

china-aren't you worry Anubis?

i shooked my head at her. But inside i was terrfied but i wasn't going to show it in front of her. i wondered what my girlfriend was doing this very moment.

china-aren't you worry about Eris?

Anubis-i don't think she going to be called

i smile at the thought of my girlfriend. Me and Eris been dating for almost a year now and i can truly say she's my first love and my first kiss and everything.

China-will i get to see her today?


she nodded and i looked at my mom and signed. i wasn;t a hunter or anything but Eris was always helpful with us and we usually trade something with her so she can have something to take home and i can do the same.

mom-you guys ready?


i hugged china and signed:everything going to be fine okay?


Anubis-mom going to be with you the whole time


Anubis-really, and i'll fine you afterward okay?

she smile and nodded.

mom-lets get going

i signed as we left and i went to stand in line to get blodd drawn and whatnot. than i saw shon and travon. i walked over to them and signed. I forgot this is Shon first time just like my sister China first time.

Shon-Hey BB


i let them give me that nickname because they couldnt pronounce my whole name so i didnt mind.


Anubis-no you guys?


i smile and looked at shon:everything going to be fine okay?

shon-i hope so

i nodded and smile. i promise myself if one of Eris brothers were to get called that i would take there place even if me and Eris wasn't together. Because i know she would do that for my sister.

Travon-travis over here

Travis-hey guys




Anubis-no you?

he shooked his head but i could tell he was worry just as much as i was. i looked at the people just as they came into view and they were smiling in everything.

Lady-hello District 7, you all know how this works. i'm going to pick a girl and a boy from this District and they will be involved in the Hunger Games.

i tooked a deep breath and looked at Shon and Travon. I prayed neither of them was called or i hope China or Eris wasn't called either.

But little did i know my worst and biggest fear was coming true.

Lady-Ladies first shall we?

she stuck her hand in the bowl and i signed as she pulled out a piece of paper and than that when everything happen.

Eris Pov

I took a breath as i held China hand and watch the lady pulled out a paper from the bowl.

Lady-and this year fighting from District 7 is Eris Brown

it felt like the world had froze around me. Like everything was in slow motion. China was hugging me like she never wanted to let go. i looked down at China and she was crying HARD!

I felt all eyes on us and i knew this was it for me. this could be the last time i saw my brothers, my mom,Travis and my boyfriend Anubis. i pulled myself away from China and looked at her.

Eris-i love you

with that i turn and started walking to the stage. i heard alot of whisphers saying how me getting pick wasn't fair at all. i made it to the stage and just looked.

Lady-well come on up here

is igned as i walked onto the stage and looked at her and she held her hand out.

Lady-Eris brown?

i nodded and she smile as she went in the bowl for the boys.

Lady-well now it's time for the boys to be called.

she pulled out a paper from the boys and than she said a name i was hoping would never get called.

Lady-Shon Brown

i froze in complete shocked at the name. I cant believe she just called my brother. My youngest brother at that! Was she serious. i looked in the crowd as i saw my brother Shon making his way to the stage.

voice-Shon! wait

we all looked and i saw Anubis come into view. the security guards grab Anubis and he yelled.

Anubis-i volunteer

everybody looked shocked that Anubis had just said he would volunteer for my brother.

Lady-we haven't had a volunteer in over a 100 years

Anubid made his way up to the stage and i looked at him and he stare at me and i felt everything falling apart. i was going to have to fight my boyfriend for my life. But hopefully somebody else got to him before i do. I wouldnt be able to fight him.

Lady-thank you for your time and goodbye

we walked in the building and they separated us and put us in separate rooms.

5 Minutes later---------------------------------------

the door open and i saw my mom and both my brothers. i signed as i stood up and hugged them.

Eris-i can't believe they called you

Shon-you got called what are we going to do?

Eris-i don't know

Travon-promise me your fight

Shon-that you gone try and win?

Eris-i promise

mom-i can't believe you have to fight your boyfriend

shon-i should of just fight

Eris-no i wouldnt aloud that, Travis would of took your place than

shon signed and looked at me:your not going to fight BB are you?

Eris-i don't know

Guy-your times up

i hugged all of them again.

Eris-don;'t let Travon or shon put there names in the bowl no more than they need too and Travis will help get you food and so will Anubis mom

mom-i know

Eris-be careful and trade the stuff for something worth it, i love you guys

Shon-we love you too

Travon-i love you

Eris-i love you too

Mom-i love you sweetie and be safe

Eris-love you too and i will

they left the room and i signed as the door open again and i saw Travis and china and Anubis mom. they hugged me as i signed and hugged back.

China-i can't believe they called you

Eris-its okay

china-its not your like my sister

eris-everything oging to be fine

she shooked her head an di looked at Travis.

Eris-you have to be there for my family now

Travis-i know and i will



i nodded as i looked at Anubis mom.

Anubis mom-your going to okay?

i nodded:yeah how is he doing?

Anubis mom-not so good

Eris-i can't believe me and my boyfriend have to fight

Anubis mom-me either, promise me something?


Anubis mom-you won't fight him until the end, until you have no choice

Eris-i promise

Anubis mom-i told him the same

i nodded and signed:take care of my family

Anubis mom-of course

i hugged them again and signed:i love you guys

Travis-we love you too

china-i love you too

Anubis mom-good luck sweetie

just htan the door open for them to go and i looked at Travis.

Eris-take care of them for me please

Travis-i will i promise

i nodded as they walked ou the door and i signed.

"That could be the last timei see them for all i know."

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