I Love A Celebrity?? One Direction Love Story

I haven't been on in FOREVER and I recently get hooked onto One Directon!! So heres a love story:). Ps, info is incorrect in my story, such as where they live and who theyre dating. Also, this is mainly a Niall and Harry story! Well thanks for reading:).

Chapter 1

Moving In

I closed the taxi door after giving the driver a $10 bill and a "thank you." I went around to the trunk and hauled out my five suitcases. "Need any help with that, gorgeous?" Someone with a gorgeous british accent asked behind me. Figuring it was just the really cute taxi driver, I replied while turning to face him, "Oh, no. I'm alright, tha.." I saw the most gorgeous man in my life, "Tha-th--uh.. You see I--"

"let me just take those for you, love," he winked and grabbed two suitcases. I blushed and turned my head, but he already saw, making him smirk in satisfaction. His long, curly hair sat perfectly on his head and his green eyes matched the same shade as mine. Four more just as gorgeous boys walked out and a blonde one immediately caught my attention. My jaw dripped and I quickly shut it before anyone noticed. Too late.

"like what you see? I see you've met harry," the blonde one spoke in an amazing irish accent, "I'm niall."

I nodded, "nicole, but you can call me nic or nicky," I extended a hand and when he shook it I felt butterflies. Harry threw an arm around my shoulders immediately, "ahem, I called dibs, boys!" I blushed even harder, making harry smirk and the other boys stir uncomfortably. I didn't get a chance to ask why. "well, this is Liam, Louis, and Zayn," niall pinged to the other three.

"nice to meet you, lads!" I smiled politely, trying to hide my excitement. Harty took the two suicases into my new house after I handed him the key. Liam, Louis, and Zayn grabbed one suitcase each, leaving niall and me alone. "so, uh... I'm Niall," he said uncomfortably.

"i know silly!" I laughed, he blushed. Then he smirked and took a step towards me. "Niall, I-- AHH!" He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "NIALL I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I screamed.

"sorry, I can't hear you, love!" I could tel that he was smiling. He tossed me back over and put me in the ground. "i hate you,l I pretended to pout.

"love you, too," he smirked. I started to blush but stopped myself by punching him in the stomach. I ran away laughing hysterically trying to find harry. The house was empty since all my stuff was being delivered tomorrow, so there was no where to hide.

I ran into a room to find harry holding my bikini, I'd kill him later. He immediately dropped it, "hey cutie, whats--" I hid behind him, clinging to his shoulders just as niall stormed in, "she punched me!" He whined.

"niall kissed me!" I lied. Niall have me a death glare. Oh, I was in for it now. "i dodd not!" I winked at him. "well, I've gotta make it even then, dont I?" Harry spun around and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but kissed him back, only for a few seconds. I pulled away and harry walked over to the door, "see you later, hot stuff," he walked out and closed the door behind him. I couldn't move, he had put me in a trance.

Next thing I knew I was up against a wall with an arm on either side of me. "what was that, hun?" Niall asked. I still couldn't speak from the shock. Niall leaned in and I sunk to my knees and bolted away, "i dont think so!" He started tickling me and I feel onto a pile of my clothes out of breath, pulling him down with me.

We both laughed for a while then noticed our positions. He was hovering over me with one arm supporting him. niall started leaning in, and then I. The door slammed open, "hey I-- oh, sorry! I didn't mean to, er, interrupt anything."

I shot up and niall backed off. It was louis, just my luck. "uh, no, louis, haha, you didn't interrupt anything," I laughed nervously and blushed while getting to my feet. Niall notices and lied onto his back smirking at me. I kicked him. Louis left the room, closing the for door.

Niall got up and backed me into a corner of the wall, trapping me, "where were we?"

I leaned into his east and whispered softly, my lips brushing his ear, "you tell me, baby." I felt him shiver and his heart beat faster, so I smirked and walked out of the room, leaving him there behind me. I walked into a rom, finding the four other boys I was searching for. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist, "so, I hear you snogged harry and niall, wheres my kiss, eh nicky?"

I looked at him, "too bad, so sorry," and walked off. I wrapped my arms around harrys neck, he wrapped him around my waist and pressed his forehead to mine and sang, "baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed--"

"wait, you guys are over direction?? Oh my gosh that makes so much sense now!" I yelled.

"just figured that out sweet cheeks?" Louis chuckled. i glared at him. Liam comes in, "who's voice do you love the most?"
"well..." I started walking over to zayn and kissed his cheek, "zayns of course!"

"i want my kiss!" Liam yelled across the room. Niall then walked in, still in hits trance. "dang, can I get whatever niall got?" Harry looked st me pleadingly.

I walked over and pecked niall on the lips, "sorry," I smirked, "irish boys only."


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