Summer List

Summer List

So, I've seen a couple of these already, and I know I don't really have many fans-yet-but I still wanted to make a list-for my reference and your's.

Chapter 1


Hey, it's Arianna!

So school it out tomorrow, and I really am excited to get this stupid math final over and done with-and then not have to do anything for the whole three months I'm off-though don't think I'm lazy. I'll be swimming and going to Valley Fair and other stuff; but the main reason I am making this is to say...

Things to do:

-Be awesome.

-Have fun.

-Write more of Pale

-Write more of Reloaded

-Write more of Show Me with Lulubird,

and of course

-Write more of Livin Life Like Magic with AnnieWeasley

So that's what's coming up!

I'll update if needed :D


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