Poetic Me, Dark passages from an Opmitist

Poems always have come easily to me
They're different from stories and bring me glee.
I dont know why
They just do
So stop bugging me and read!!!!

Chapter 1

All I see is Blood

You have tried to insult me
Taunting me with a face full of glee
So why do I stare back
With eyes empty and black
My face the same while
Theres even a hint of a smile?
Because when I look at you
I see your lips turning blue
Your soul on fire
Killing everything you desire
Your broken limbs hanging loose
Your neck on a noose
Blood coming out bright red
Your heart slowly going dead
Your eyes dried and streaming
Your mouth shouting and screaming
Right at my face full of glee (whose smiling now?)
Pleasing the Darkness within me.

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