Different Paths to Take (a poem)

Hi! I decided to make an inspirational and motivational poem for people who need it. Or you could read it just for fun. I did it for both. Tell me what you thought about it and I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Different Paths to Take

by: Carrie_
Life is like a winding road.
There are different paths to take.
One leads to success while the other leads to failure.
Your future lies in your hands, no one else's.
It is your life, your choice, your future.
How would you shape your future?
How would you shape it into success?
How would you know what path to take?
Your future starts now.
Every second of every day, is the future.
Whatever you chose, it is your path.
No one can be on it besides you.
When you fall, a new path appears right in front of you.
When you succeed, your path does not end.
It keeps going to make you achieve more things.
Stay on your path and don't give up.


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