The Rewind(An Original Story)

Chapter 1

The Begining

by: Gymdogs
I lay in my bed, with tears streaming down my face. My mascara was running, but I didn't care, who would care? Who would ever care about me? No one. I answered my own question. I'm the nerdy kid at school, I'm the depressed kid at school. No one knows, but I've been planing on suicide for three months, but I could never leave my family. I sat up in my bed, and wiped away my tears. I stoop up, and walked over to my desk, I picked up the picture of me and my best friend. I gripped it with my hand, and threw it at the wall. Glass shattered, but the picture was still there. I walked over to the picture, and ripped it up. Your probably wondering why I am mad. It's because today was the day. My best friend left me for the popular crowd, and she bullied me

I glanced over at my window, and saw to people walking home, I slowly walked over to the window, and opened it. I saw my best friend Kaylie. She beautiful skin, piercing green eyes, and small lips. She looked up at my window, and I could see tears in her eyes. I closed the window back up, and sat on my bed. I knelt down on the floor, and reached under my bed. I grabbed my rope, and tied a noose. I grabbed a nail, and hammered the noose on my door. I quickly wrote a note, and tied it to my hand. And then I put my head threw the noose, and tightened it. And so, I was dead.
------ --------
I suddenly appeared. On my bed, but the odd thing is, I saw myself on the noose. I heard my dad calling me for supper, and I jumped up off my bed, and realized, I was a ghost. I suddenly heard my dad walking up stair, and he found me. I couldn't see me sitting on my bed, but he saw me hanging from the noose. "No!" He screamed, he felt my heart, and there was no more beats. My mom, and my sisters ran up stairs, to see what dad was worried about, and they saw me hanging from the noose. I saw my mom welling up with tears, and my sisters were hugging each other. I didn't realize how much they would miss me. But suddenly my view was blocked, by a hooded figure. "Your family does care about you, and they miss you" It said. "Who are you?" I asked it. "I am your guardian" it said. But before I could reply, it suddenly disappeared.

I looked at my sisters, and I never knew how much they loved me. I looked up at my dad, and saw him taking me out of the noose. He walked over to my bed, and laid my body under the covers. "There, she'll be warm while we get her a funeral set up." My dad said. My parents sat and watched over my body, and my sister crawled in my bed and laid next to me. I wish I could redo what has been done, cause I didn't know how much they loved me.

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