You Make Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy (John Lennon love story!)

You Make Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy (John Lennon love story!)

Olo, I wanted to make a story on this song because i thought it'd be nice for John to fall for a rock n' roll type of girl instead of your normal girl. I was thinking about the song today, and now I just thought of my Quibblo friend Lizzy! Well, I hopes you enjoy. It's going to be based of the lyrics plus a bit of my creative juices. I'm tinking it should be when they still wore leather jackets, so that's what I'll do!

Chapter 1

The Way You Rock and Roll

Hey there, I'm Lizzy. Actually, my full name's Elizabeth Julia Carter, but I like to be called Lizzy. Don't call me Elizabeth or I'll punch you square in the teeth. Anyways, I'm not your average 19 (almost 20) year-old girl. I don't wear powder makeup, or the colorful stuff, I wear black eyeliner. It's noticeable, so I don't have to put too much on. My hair is short and dark brown, and always purposefully messy (kinda like this!, though, my mom wishes I would at least comb it. My wardrobe is also different: I wear skinny-fit jeans with Chuck Taylors of all sorts of colors, a T-shirt, and last, but not least, my dad's old leather jacket. Everyone always asked why I wore guys' clothes, but it was because I liked rock and roll. That's how my life change, rock and roll... but before I get to that, let's start at the beginning...

I lived in Hamburg, Germany. I didn't really like living there, I was okay speaking in German, though, I prefered English over anything. I had graduated from high school not too long ago, and I still lived with my parents. Not that I wanted to leave, I loved living with my parents, actually. Since I had nothing to do at the moment, I decided to walk around.

It was about eight at night, and I was strolling down the road in my father's jacket. I brought the collar up and sniffed in the... the, well, musk. It still smelled of that scent that reminded me of my father, who died in the war when I was only four. I never really met him, but mother told me stories about him. I loved him more than anything I ever had, or never had.

While I was walking around aimlessly, I saw a group of people unloading some sort of equipment at where I worked. It was the Indra Club, I didn't really work there as an employee, it was a gig that I played at a couple times a week by myself. "What the-?" I look around a street light, and see what I had saw on the other end of the road. There were five young men lugging amplifiers and instrument cases, most likely drums, into the Indra.

I think one of them noticed me hiding behind the lamp post, because they practically dropped their amplifier on their toe. He hurried inside and four more heads appeared at the door frame. I cowered like a little girl hoping that they couldn't see me. Four of them all pushed another outside the club. He walked over, looking back over his shoulder angrily, to me and I hid behind the lamp post as much as I could.

"Hello there, miss." He greeted, and I waved. It was unusual for me to act so sheepishly around anyone. Usually I was the one who tried to meet everyone possible. I wanted to play with some of my hair, but it'd look awkward and weird since it was so short. "Hi there." I answer in English also. "Well, my buddies and I were wonderin' why ye were standin' over here like a shadow." I shy away behind the lamp again and look over at the other four who are spying on us from the door.

"I was just walking around, and was wondering why there were people loading up stuff at my gig." I point at the door. "Oh, i see." He leans on one leg and crosses his arms, with a face that I can tell was his thinking face. "Well, dear, my name is John. John Lennon." John offers his hand and I shake it, but he brings it up to his lips and kisses the back of my hand. "I'm Elizabeth Carter. But call me Lizzy, please." I introduce myself. "So ye perform there?" He asks. I nod and he seems more interested. "What do ye play?"
"Acoustic or electric?"
"I like ye, come join us." John puts his arm around my shoulder casually and pulls me over to the Indra. "Lads, this is Lizzy Carter." He introduces me and they all marvel at my attire. "Lizzy, this is Pete. And this is Paul. And this is little Georgie." "Hey!" George was obviously the youngest of the lot. "And this is Stuart, or Stu, Sutcliffe." John motioned to each boy, or man, or whatever, and Stu slid his sunglasses down and winked at me.

"Hi." I waved to all of them. "Lizzy over here plays guitar." And just like John, they all seemed 100 times more interested in me. "Really? How long have ye played?" George asked. "Ever since I was little, I guess." I couldn't really remember when I started playing, but I remember my first guitar. It was when I was nine years old, ten, eleven years ago! "Are ye good?" Paul asked. "I guess I am, if Old Man Koschmider let me play here." I shrug.

"Look at her hair! It's almost as short as ours!" Pete tousled my already-messy hair. "It is as short as ours!" Stu exclaimed. "We should try to get it like ours!" Paul seemed like he was about to explode with excitement.

It was kind of weird, that they were bing so nice to me and we just met. Felt nice, if you asked me. It was so nice, I forgot John had his arm around me still. "So, you guys aren't from around here, are you?" I ask. They all shake their heads. "We're all from Liverpool." Stu explains. "Which is in?" "England, dear." Paul elaborated. "Oh, I see." It was more like hear because I could tell by their foreign accent.

"What about you? How long have you been here in Germany?" John asked me. "Hmm, we moved here when I was three, because I knew English, and had to learn German when I was younger." I tried to remember. "You live with ye parents, don't ye?" They were pretty much interrogating me. "My mom, yeah." "What about ye dad?" I looked down at the floor. "If you don' want to talk about it, ye don't have to." John patted my shoulder.

"It's fine. Well, he died in the war, I never got to meet him. This was his jacket." I tug on the ends of my sleeves. "Oh," They all seem to sympathize. "It's fine, you guys." I had gone over this so many times with other people, I usually didn't break down crying anymore. John patted my shoulder and said, "Well, me and Pauly both lost our mums." At least I knew that some people could relate to me.

"How about brothers, sisters?" Stu goes on. "I have a step brother, his name's Michael." Though he was my step brother, he seemed more like my brother more than anything. "How old is he?" "You guys are just trying to stalk me, aren't ya'?" I joke, and they all blush. "It's fine, he's 12." I add, and they all laugh a little nervously.

"Are you boys are going to help with your crap or what?" Someone complained, and they all said they had to go. "Will you wait for me outside?" John asks, and I blush while nodding. I walk out the door with them and wait for them to finish unpacking all of their things.

While I'm waiting, I'm wondering on how I could make friends so quickly. Maybe I was just one of those people you always wanted to be around. I pulled my knees to my chest and played with my short brown hair. It was true, my hair was just as short, or long, as theirs. I could try a 'do like that sometime. All it would take is hair gel and a comb...

"Hey, Lizzy." I almost jumped at John's voice. "You scared me." I breathe heavily, and he just chuckles. "I'm not that scary." I take the hand that he offers, and he lifts me up to my feet. "It's dark. Want me to walk ye home?" "Sure, thanks." I stuff my cold hands into my pockets. "Do ye ears get cold?" I look over at him weirdly. "Well, ye hair is kinda short." He explains. I smile. "You think it doesn't? My ears are always cold, and my neck. Just like any other guy." I shrug. "I think it looks good on ye." He compliments, and I blush.

"Bet Pauly's jealous of it." John jokes, and I laugh. "My hair isn't that amazing. Turn over here, it's my shortcut." We cut through and alley, I walk as fast as I can with John trailing behind me, and appear back on another street: my street. "Well, this is where I depart." I turn to John. "Well, hope to see ye tomorrow?" I was surprised at the offer, but nodded. "Meet us at the Indra at eight in the mornin' then?" I nodded again, and turned to open my front door.

"Hey, Lizzy?" I look over my shoulder. "It was nice meetin' ye." I smile and say, "You too, John." before entering my house. "Who was that?" My mom asked curiously. "A guy I met at the Indra. Him and his band are going to be performing there." I explain. "Looked like a date if you ask me." My father (ahem, step father) said from behind his newspaper. "It wasn't a date, he offered to walk me home since it was dark." I gingerly put my jacket on a coat hook.

"Missy, you need to start wearing real clothes!" My dad complained at my wardrobe all the time. "Dad, it's how I express myself. I want to be different than other girls!" I'd gone over this many times before with him and my mom, but he didn't seem to get it. "Where's Mikey?" I ask before he could say anymore. "He's upstairs doing homework." Mom answered me instead. "Thanks." I run up the stairs to my brother's room, and he groans. "What do you want? I'm busy with homework." "I just wanted to say hi to my brother, jeeze!" I close the door and go to my room.

I slid off all of my clothes and got dressed into some jammies. I went to the bathroom to wash away all the minimal makeup I had on, and then went back over it to double-check. "There, all done." I hurry back over to my bedroom and hop into my bed. Before I fall asleep, I think about what my day will be like tomorrow, with my new friends. But mostly with John.

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