Okay, I wanted to create a Hetalia Australia story...except this story is a bit more adult compared to normal, awesome Hetalia!
Hope you enjoy...or don't! ^_^ Comments are welcome!

Chapter 3

Spider Bite

"Australia! Dinner!" Mr. England called.
"Mr. England! I'm here!"

He looked around the kitchen, then out the window straight at me. I grinned my most mischievous grin as he gaped for a bit.

"Dare I ask?" he smiled, coming over to the window.
"I though Boris was up here!"
"My Koala friend!"
Mr. England nodded slowly, then tilted his head. "Are you still hungry? Because I prepared some dinner!"

I nodded vigorously & climbed down as quick as I could. The only problem was the window! I climbed up & hit the floor, instead hurting my arm. It took all my strength & the hunger to not cry. Mr. England helped me up & examined my arm & chin.

"I'm okay, Mr. England" I smiled at him. "Just hungry!"
"Are you sure?" he asked, looking at me. "Just hungry?"

I nodded & half-staggered over to the polished table. Mr. England sat opposite me & ate rather silently. I wasn't sure if it was wise to say anything, so I just ate & stared straight at him. The fish & chips was really nice, almost so good, I nearly fell asleep.

"I liked tea very much, Mr. England" I yawned. "Thank you!"
"Are you tired?" I nodded sleepily & he smiled. "Alright then! Come on, Australia!"

I followed him up to a little room which was all cosy. I jumped on the bed, which was soft & very warm under the covers. I snuggled up & yawned, closing my eyes as Mr. England gently closed the doors. As soon as it was safe to say he wasn't there, I sat up, swung my legs over the bed & went to look out the window.
When I peered out, my eyes met someone else's & I bolted down the stairs into the dining room. MR. England peered up from his tea, his green eyes questioning.

"Someone was outside my window" I said, swaying on the spot.

Mr. England slowly rose from his chair & led me back to the room. He opened the curtains, but no one was there anymore. I felt a little silly, but Mr. England was very nice about it. He let me sleep in his room with him, after we had some tea.
His room was warmer & cosier than the other room & much less scary. Mr. England yawned as he moved me over to one side & hopped in himself. To be funny, I stole all the blankets & wrapped them around me, but he was too smart still. He left to fetch a blanket from the cupboard & carried in a big blanket with the Union Jack on it.

"The Union Jack?!" I exclaimed.
"Yes, yes it is!" he laughed, wrapping it around himself. "My brilliant flag!"
"When I'm bigger, I'm going to have a flag just like yours!"

Mr. England laughed heartily at my remark. I laughed too, then I noticed the spider sitting on the roof, big eyes watching us. Mr. England didn't know what I was staring so intensely at.

"What are you staring at, Australia?"
"The Huntsman spider, sir!"
He looked up & gaped. "Oh…I see..."

In an attempt to both remove it & impress Mr. England, I jumped up, knocked it down & cupped it in my hands. The spider bit my palm & I quickly put it out the window. It hurt, but not like any other time.

"Are you alright?" Mr. England asked, worried.
"Yeah, its not poisonous" I smiled at him. "Just hurts!"

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