Okay, I wanted to create a Hetalia Australia story...except this story is a bit more adult compared to normal, awesome Hetalia!
Hope you enjoy...or don't! ^_^ Comments are welcome!

Chapter 2

Fish & Chips

Mr. England's friends talked about heaps of funny things like 'heroes' & 'solving problems', but mostly it was Mr. America talking. Mr. Russia was silent with a cunning look in his eyes, while Mr. China had a Panda on his back that I wanted to pat, but I was hiding. I crawled over to sit in front of Mr. Russia, but Mr. England didn't like that, so I crawled back over to him.

"I didn't do anything" I smiled, lying.
"Alright, but stay here!" he instructed, frowning. "We agreed to stay away from Russia, remember?"
"Yes, sir!"
"England, why do you keep looking under the table?" I heard Mr. America snap, then his voice began to tremble. "Is t-there a s-s-SPIDER!?"

With a shriek, he bounded onto the table, which hit my head very hard. Mr. Russia smiled at Mr. America's sacredness, but all I could do was cry. Mr. England frowned at his friends & then kneeled down beside me.

"Are you okay, Australia?"
"No, Mr. America hurt my head!"
"W-who are y-you talking t-to, England?" America asked, still on the table.
"Australia & you hurt him, git!"
I slowly crawled out to look at the blue eyed man. "G'day Mr. America!"
"He's not a spider, you git!" England scowled.
"Its okay, Mr. England" I smiled up at him. "I feel better now!"

He smiled & I sat down on the floor, a little wicked thought in my head. I looked over at Mr. Russia & crawled under the table over to him, the other 3 countries watching in awe or shock as I hugged him. He smiled & the other seemed to go a bit pale. Mr. Russia wasn't very bad at all!

"Mr. Russia, will you play with me after?"
"When you become one!"
Mr. England grabbed my hand. "Say no!" he whispered, then looked at the clock. "Well, we better be going! Come along, Australia!"
"Now we'll have to have a meeting next week!" Mr. China groaned, annoyed.

Mr. Russia followed Mr. England & I as we walked along, but he soon got lost when I got tired. Mr. England gave me a piggy-back to his pretty house. It was very big too & perfect for exploring. Mr. England smiled at how awed I was.

"Do you like it?"
"Yes sir! Its very big & very pretty!" suddenly, my tummy growled.
"Are you hungry?" Mr. England said, trying not to laugh.
"Yes, Mr. England" I was a little embarrassed. "I haven't eaten since…I can't remember!"

Mr. England just smiled & let me explore while he went to get something for us to eat. I spread my arms out & ran around the house, pretending to be a plane. As I ran around, I found an open window & a large tree caught my eye. I stopped & looked at it, before climbing clumsily through the window. I lost my footing & hit the ground outside, grazing my chin.

"What are you doing, Australia?" Mr. England's voice called.
"Nothing! Just exploring!"

I dashed over the tree & climbed it with ease. As I climbed closer to the top, I saw some movement & thought straight away that it was Boris, my Koala friend. I climbed quicker, but was disappointed to find he wasn't there.
The view was really good & I could see straight into the kitchen where Mr. England was finishing his fish & chips. It looked yummy & I could just about smell it.

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