Okay, I wanted to create a Hetalia Australia story...except this story is a bit more adult compared to normal, awesome Hetalia!
Hope you enjoy...or don't! ^_^ Comments are welcome!

Chapter 1

Trench Digger

I sat swinging my legs over the deep trench I'd dug. I didn't have anyone to talk to & there was nothing to do. As I sat staring into the muddy trench, a shadow appeared on the other side. I looked up to see a man with blonde hair & green eyes, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Hello, little one" he smiled, stepping cautiously around my trench. "I am England. Who may you be?"
"Australia, Mr. England, sir" I smiled back. "Do you like my trench?"
"It’s a bit muddy, don't you think?"
"No. Its perfect to play war in!"

With that, I jumped in & grabbed my shovel. Mr. England peered down & watched as I began digging a tunnel. It wasn't long before I stopped to check if he was still there & was surprised to find he had. He smiled & helped me out of my trench.

"Will you play, Mr. England?"
"Oh, I have a meeting to attend" he patted my head. "Maybe later I can!"
"Can I come?"
"I'm sure it won't be a problem!"

I got to my feet & followed him, his shadow much bigger than mine. When I asked about the meeting, Mr. England told me I'd have to behave so I didn't have to leave. His friends China, America, Russia & France were going to be there, but he didn't like France.

"Why don't you like Mr. France?"
"He's horrible!"
"Oh. Is Mr. Russia nice?"
He paused. "Uh…um…well about we just stay away from Russia, okay?"
"Yes, sir! Is China & America nice?"
"Why so curious, Australia?"

I felt my face grow hot & I put my hands in my muddy pockets. Now I'd done something.

"I don't mean to be, I'm sorry, Mr. England, sir!"
"Its okay!"

He gestured to a large building ahead of us & I bounded up the large, stone stairs. The hallway was so long & the ceiling was high, but I found the meeting room with Mr. England running behind me. I liked the polished table & hid under it.

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