Xtreme Love Story

Xtreme Love Story

This is of course a love story about Jeff Hardy and his best friend soon to be girlfriend soon to be wife Alex but anyway i hope you enjoy it.

Sorry if the picture doesn't show but if it does that is what she looks like.

Chapter 1

A New Champion

As Alex was walking towards the arena for her match against Trish Stratus for the WWF Women's Championship someone called her name and she turned to see Jeff. "Hey, Jeff" Alex said. "Hey, Alex just coming to wish you good luck on your match against Trish. "Awwww thanks Jeff," she said as she lightly kissed him on the lips and went to the arena for match. Jeff smiled and thought to himself that about his "surprise" he had for Alex when they got home.
~As Alex was celebrating~
As Alex was celebrating winning Trish upset from losing and because she and Alex had a rivarly came up behind Alex and attacked her. Then Test and Albert came out. Alex got up just to hit by Trish with the Chick Kick. Then as just as Test was about to deliver the big boot to Alex 2 Xtreme ( Matt, Jeff, and Lita) came out to Alex's rescue. Jeff asked...TBC

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