Getting In and Out (One Direction Love Story)

I realize that I have a lot of these, but the other two stories are with friends. This is a solo story, but it includes my friend, Dance. Check her out, she's awesome! :D

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

by: xBVBx
"Hello? Come back to earth, please."
"You're zoning out, again, doll."
The boys laughed quietly at me as I sunk in my seat, blushing lightly. We were only minutes away from the studios and that nervous pit was rising in my stomach. Would Alan like me? Better yet, would the viewers like me? The boys were wanted by almost every girl in the world.
"Everything's going to fine, Merida," Louis spoke up, looking at me. "Alan instantly loves everyone. Just laugh at his jokes, and make him laugh."
"And try to be as adorable as possible," Harry added. "He loves that."
"She'll be great," Liam sighed, taking my hand in his.
"Maybe you can sing for him as well. I'm sure he's got a guitar somewhere," Niall laughed, the other boys agreeing.
I sighed, shaking my head. "No, I'm just here to introduce myself. That's all."
And that's all I wanted to do. But at the moment, my heart was pounding as we pulled up to the backstage entrance. Fans were lined up along security, inching to catch a glimpse of the boys. Once the first boy stepped out, the fans went crazy.
"Louis! Louis!"
"I want a Horan Hug!"
But once I got out of the car, questions were thrown our way.
"Who's she?!"
"Where's Danielle?!"
"You can do better, Liam!"
I frowned, keeping my head low and trying to ignore the shouts, but they were pretty loud and in my ear. Liam wrapped his arm around my shoulder, politely ignoring the constant shouts. Once we were inside, he spun me to look at him. "You alright?"
I sighed. "Yeah, just wasn't expecting all of that."
"Hey," he mumbled, tilting my chin up. "It'll get better."
"Boys, they need you now!" Paul called, getting the boys rounded up.
"I'll see you in a bit, just wait with the stage crew, they'll signal you on."
He kissed my cheek quickly, before rushing off with the boys. I stood off to the side, watching Alan on the large TV provided.
"And now, these boys are such a joy to have on the show, plus not to mention I love a little eye candy. One Direction, everyone!" Alan cheered, along with the rest of the audience.
I couldn't help but smile as the down descended the staircase, waving to the audience. Each boy received a hug from Alan, before they returned over to a seat of couches and Alan sat in his own chair. They passed out drinks, laughing as the interview started off.
"So, how's everything with you boys? You all are getting busier and busier by the minute," Alan grinned, crossing his leg over the other.
"Great, great, we've got a tour coming up actually," Zayn grinned.
"Oh really? I'm sure the fans are going to go crazy about that."
"I think they already have, they're literally lined up in the back."
Alan's eyes widened before he pouted. "That isn't fair! I thought they were here for me!"
The crowd and the boys laughed, Alan joining in shortly after.
"So how's Eleanor, Louis?"
"Um, we're not together anymore... but she's fine. Thanks."
"Oh, understandable, and Zayn what about Perrie? How are her and the girls?"
"Amazing, actually, they're going back to America later this week."
"I hope they have a good time, I've heard the Mixers over there LOVE them!"
A tap on my shoulder took my gaze away from the screen, a stage crew pointing towards where the boys had just gone.
"Okay, just stand here and when Alan announces you, just go on down."
I nodded, mumbling a quiet 'Thank you', before I listened, my heart pumping.
"So, Liam, I was told you have some news to make today," Alan said, raising an eyebrow.
A smile took over Liam's face and I couldn't help but smile myself. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning. "Well yeah.. her name's Merida. And I'd love for you all to meet her."
Alan raised his eyebrows, before looking at the audience. "Well do you all want to meet her?"
The crowd went nuts, screaming. Alan laughed before standing up and walking over to the stairs. "Well, everyone, welcome Merida!"
The stage crew nodded at me and I slowly descended the stairs, smiling shyly at the crowd. Alan held out his hand as he helped me the rest of the way down, hugging me, and escorting me over to the boys. Each boy stood up, kissing me on the cheek before it was Liam's turn. He hugged me quickly, pecking my lips, before sitting back down.
"Well, that was more than just a friendly exchange," Alan pipped, laughing.
I awkwardly stood to the side of the couch, smiling before Louis noticed. "No, wait, she doesn't have a seat."
"Here, Merida, you can sit on my lap," Liam said, taking my hand.
"No, no, I'm fine, but thank you," I blushed, shaking my head.
"Now you're being ridiculous," he mumbled, grabbing my waist and pulling me down to his lap. The audience went wild at that and I couldn't help but laugh.
"So, Merida, I haven't really heard a lot about you," Alan said, handing me a drink. I thanked him quietly, before shaking my head. "No one really does."
"Ooooh, is that an Irish accent I hear?" he grinned.
"Yeah, it is. I'm from Ireland, Victoria Bridge."
"Never heard of it."
"Small town, small girl."
I shrugged, the audience laughing, as well as Alan. "Well aren't you adorable, I like you. You're like a little doll."
"Right back at 'cha."
Alan gasped, before flipping his hand dramatically. "Oh darling, stop, you're making me blush."
Everyone burst out laughing, Niall the loudest with his famous giggle.
"So anyways, back to Liam. What's the big announcement?" Alan grinned, inching in his seat towards him.
Liam took in a big breath, the audience the quietest they've been all day. I felt his hand slip onto mine, before he gripped it tightly. Our fingers intertwined and I looked down, blushing madly.
"Merida and I are together. And I love her."
Even I gasped at that, he hadn't said that. At all. Not once.
"Do you really?" I mumbled.
He nodded, looking right in my eyes. "I love you. That's a promise."
Alan was quiet, eyes wide and jaw dropped. "Well tell him you bloody love him back, you can't leave him hanging like that!"
I laughed, shaking my head and pressed a kiss to Liam's lips, smiling brightly. "I love you, too."

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