Getting In and Out (One Direction Love Story)

I realize that I have a lot of these, but the other two stories are with friends. This is a solo story, but it includes my friend, Dance. Check her out, she's awesome! :D

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: xBVBx
I awoke to the sound of my phone, buzzing against my side table. Thank God, it was only my alarm. Noon.
I quickly climbed out of bed, running into the corner. My everyday morning ritual, hiding in the corner so he wouldn't find me. Then I realized, he couldn't get me. I was safe... for now.
I got up and decided to take my time getting ready. Ready to walk out to my new beginning.

Guitar on my back and phone in my pocket, I strolled around London. How big could one place get? Everywhere I looked, there was something else to explore. Shops, restaurants, so much that'd I'd have to find time for it all. It would take me ages to walk this whole place.
My heart thudded everywhere I walked. I wouldn't see him here though, he was back in Ireland. He knew I left, but didn't come up with the slightest idea of where I could be. Such a dumb boy.
"Where to first?" I smiled to myself, adventuring the streets.
I stopped by a coffee shop and picked up a drink there, before heading over to a shopping mall. I had never been inside one and well, it was huge! Everywhere I looked, stores galore! There was a food court with different restaurants and foods, so I had to stop there as well. I ended up trying Chinese and it was actually pretty good, compared to the French food I tried. I thought I was going to be sick.
I kept my hands deep in my short pockets, fiddling around with the lent inside while I hung out under a bridge. I would explore every inch of the city before midnight, or at least till I got tired. I needed something to do, entertain myself. Then it hit me.
Entertain others.
My feet dragged me along alleys, roads, highways, bridges, anything and anywhere people stood until I found the perfect place.
A stone bench in the front of a large park. Perfect.
I sat my case on the ground, shut. I never accepted tips. I was only there to entertain and make people happy, not take their money. I strapped my guitar over over shoulders and stood up on the bench. People saw and started to slow down as I drew out my pick and strummed the first chord. It was as if the birds had stopped singing, just to hear me.

Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight.
My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State.

That earned a couple laughs.

My lover he's waiting for me, just across the bar.
My seats been taken by some sunglasses, askin' 'bout a scare and-
I know I gave it to you months ago, I know you're trying to forget.

More people stopped and I knew I had them hooked.

So if by the time the bar closes, and you feel like falling down.
I'll carry you home-
Tonight! We are young!
So lets set the world on fire! We can burn brighter, than the sun!

As I sang, I strolled on the bench, making sure I didn't just stand like a light post. Children were clapping and adults were smiling warmly. Some looked like they thought I was a hippie.

Now I know that, I'm not, all that you got.
I guess that I, I just thought, maybe we could find a way to fall apart!
But our friends are back so lets raise a cup.
Cause I found someone to carry me home-
Tonight! We are young!
So lets set the world on fire! We can burn brighter, than the sun!

People stopped and stared, some would move on, but not before they gave me a glance. One blonde haired boy though, oddly enough, looked very familiar. He saw me and ran off, yelling. I wonder what was with him.
I cleared my head and continued on with the song, but not before I saw the blonde haired boy again- with a group of four guys. And once I heard the chuckle, I knew who it was.

So if by the time, the bar closes, and you feel like falling down...
I'll carry you home.... Tonight.

I finished the song and people clapped, then continued on their way. Though some clapping did not stop, and it was clear they didn't intend to stop. I stepped off the bench and slowly put my guitar back in my case.
"Told you we'd find her again!"
I slipped my case onto my back and looked at them. "Now you see me, now you don't."
I turned and began to walk away, before footsteps caught up with me.
"You're leaving?"
"It's late."
"Hold on."
He grabbed my arm and spun me around. I laughed a little, but sighed. "Hiya, Liam. Hey, boys."
They all greeted me, before Niall spoke up, laughing to the others. "Told ya she had the voice of an angel! I heard singing while I was walking to get an ice cream, and then I looked at her and wabam! I knew who she was instantly!"
"That was something else!" Louis winked, causing me to chuckle a little.
"Absolutely awesome!" Harry complimented.
"Amazing!" Zayn threw in.
Liam smiled at me, before speaking. "Like nothing I've ever heard, beautiful."
Beautiful? Did he just say I was beautiful? No, no, no. He was talking about the song...
"Thanks, but it's just for fun. I just want to entertain. And I'm not all that good," I replied modestly.
"Not all that good?! Thats probably taken years of practice!"
"Mk, so maybe that's true."
We all laughed on it when a voice came out of no where.
A girl bounded up to us, instantly leaning on Liam's arm. "Liam! I've been looking everywhere for-"
She stopped mid-sentence to look at me. "Who's this?"
Zayn spoke up. "Danielle, this is Merida. Merida, this is Danielle."
I smiled. Gosh she was gorgeous! Like a model out of a magazine! "Hello, Danielle."
She smiled... I think? "The feelings mutual. Well, we must be off! See you around, Meredith."
"It's Merida," Liam laughed.
"Oops, silly me," she sighed.
She walked off, while the guys sighed and followed behind her. I stood there, before turning when someone yelled my name. "Wait, Merida!"
I turned again to come face to face with Liam, nearly causing me to fall over. "Whoa there! What's up?"
He handed me his phone, a new contact slot already waiting to be filled. "Your number? Ya know, just in case the guys want to hang out again."
"Oh yeah sure, here."
I handed him my phone and we typed in each others information.
"Well," he said as I handed him his phone back. "I'll text you later."
"Alright, see you," I said.
I didn't know what came over us but we hugged. Was hugging okay for someone you met on a plane and then bumped into the next day? I dunno, guess it was.
With that, he ran back to his friends and I turned and made my way back to Maybelle's. Boy, would Daisy ask me about this tomorrow.

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