Getting In and Out (One Direction Love Story)

I realize that I have a lot of these, but the other two stories are with friends. This is a solo story, but it includes my friend, Dance. Check her out, she's awesome! :D

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

by: xBVBx

"Room 231, dear. Last room on the top floor," the woman smiled.
"Thank you," I said, taking the key, and grabbing my bags, heading for the elevator.
Maybelle's Community Center for Young Teen Woman, ages fourteen to seventeen. Yep. My new home sweet home.
I stood in the corner of the elevator, keeping to myself while another set of girls filed in. They were talking very energetically when their eyes landed on me.
"Who are you?" they asked, crossing their arms.
My eyes flew up to theirs, and down again. "None of your business."
"Well, you don't have to be rude," one girl snapped.
The elevator stopped on my floor, and I grabbed my stuff. The doors opened and I stepped out, just as they yelled at me.
"Who do you think you are-"
"No good, newbie-"
"Find somewhere else-"
The doors shut and I took in a deep breath, before walking to my room. I slid the key in the lock and opened the door, to find a comfy looking room. The walls were a light peach tone, two windows were facing my way, the bed sat in the middle of the room, and a TV off to the side. I found a nice little bathroom and a closet, which caused me to quickly unpack my things.
I slid my suitcases and bags under my bed, along with my shoes and sat my guitar in the corner. I looked around and smiled. This would do. That's when something caught my eye.
A flash went off from the window and that struck my curiosity. I lightly stepped over and pulled back the curtains, to reveal a sight in which I had never seen. Bright lights went off in the sky, colors streaming everywhere. Could my eyes deceive me? Were stars exploding?
"Like fireworks, eh?"
I jumped, nearly falling over when I turned around. "What?"
A girl, with strawberry blonde hair and big, blue-green eyes walked in, smiling softly. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. The fireworks, their nice, huh?"
"Fireworks?" I questioned. "That's what their called?"
Her eyes widen. "Never seen 'em before?"
I shook my head, before shutting the curtains. "Not where I'm from."
She walked over to me, and I thought I would have to look up, but we actually came at eye level. Thank God I was not the only short one here.
"Well where're ya from?" she asked. Was she always like this?
I shot my eyes down. "Classified."
She laughed. "Oh snap, we got ourselves a secret agent here!"
I made eye contact with her and literally burst into laughter. She laughed as well, before we calmed down. She stuck out her hand. "Daisy Mae Parks. I help run the place."
I shook her hand. "Merida Lynch."
She laughed. "Very Irish."
"That's the first thing people tell me," I honestly replied.
"I bet, you sound very Irish."
"Born and raised me whole life."
The fireworks continued and we sat at my window, not saying a word. Daisy told me about them some, until a topic came up I hate to talk about.
"Why did you come to Maybelle's anyway? I mean, I'm not supposed to ask, but I'm always curious."
I folded my hands and looked in my lap, the only light visible being the fireworks. "Uh... maybe sometime later... I just met you, honestly."
She sighed. "Right, right, right. Sorry. So hey, you doin' anything tomorrow?"
I shrugged. "Planned to walk around a bit. Get to see the place."
"Ah, well, I'll be out and about tomorrow. Maybe we'll bump into each other?"
I nodded, turning my gaze back to the window. My clock stated it was already midnight.
Daisy stood up. "Well, I'll let you get some sleep. See ya around."
"See ya," I mumbled.

As I laid in bed, fireworks still blazed from outside, lighting up the room in different patterns. It was calming. It was nice. Reminded me of the stars back home.
"Sorry mum. I had to get out, we both knew it..." I whispered, rolling over in bed. "I hope you're proud of me, wherever you are. I know you're there. And I know you wanted me to get out, you seeing me go to his house and come back the next day, hurt. I love you, mum."
I smiled to myself. I'd see her again. A buzz sounded through the room. My face lost all color.

I know you couldn't have gone that far, dear.

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