Getting In and Out (One Direction Love Story)

I realize that I have a lot of these, but the other two stories are with friends. This is a solo story, but it includes my friend, Dance. Check her out, she's awesome! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: xBVBx
"Come on, come on, come on..." I mumbled, standing in line to hand over my passport. London. Only a couple hours, and I'd be out of here. I kept turning to look back, making sure he wasn't here.
"Next. Next?"
"Next, please."
I quickly stepped up, nearly causing myself to trip and earned a couple chuckles from other passengers. The woman checked my passport, and nodded. "Go right on through, ma'am."
"Thank you," I mumbled, pushing my way through quickly.
As soon as I stepped foot on the plane, a weight was lifted off my shoulder. He couldn't be on the plan as well, could he? My face flushed. The weight came back.
"Passengers, please take your seats. The plane will be taking off momentarily."
I looked around, then at my ticket, before grabbing an empty row. My eyes drifted out to the window, closely eyeing the highway next to the track.
"He won't find me. I know he won't."
"Excuse me, you mind if I sit here? My mates took up the other seats and the closet one is this?" a voice asked.
I jumped from the voice, seeing as it was a male, but when I looked up, it wasn't who I thought it would be. "Um, sure. Yeah. Completely fine."
He sat down, before turning to me. "Wait, is that an Irish accent?"
I looked over at him, before nodding. "Yeah, lived in Ireland me whole life."
"Wow, a very strong Irish accent," he laughed. Chills went down my spine. That laugh did something to me.
"What's your name?" he asked me.
Should I tell him? He doesn't know me. That might be a plus. I guess it couldn't hurt. "Merida. Merida Lynch."
He smiled. "Sounds very Irish. I'm Liam, Liam Payne."
I stuck out my hand. "Nice to meetcha'."
He looked at my hand, then me and shook it. "You aren't like the others."
I laughed a little. "Whatdya mean?"
"Well, whenever a girl meets us, they usually freak out," he said.
I raised an eyebrow. "And as in "us", that would be?"
"One Direction."
I sat there, completely clueless. I mean, where I live we have news and TV and access to the world, but I honestly never came across One Direction.
"I'm sorry, but I've never heard of you," I admitted.
His eyebrows went up. Then four guys leaned over the seats, causing me to jump a little.
"Never heard of One Direction?" a curly haired boy asked.
"Seriously?" a blonde boy asked.
He caught my eye instantly. "You're Irish!"
"First thing people point- WAIT! You're Irish!" he said.
They guys laughed. "Finally! Someone else that understands Niall when he's talking fast!"
I laughed awkwardly as well, before looking out the window.
"Where you off to?" a dark haired boy asked.
"Cool! So are we! You on vacation?" a boy with suspenders asked.
I tried to keep a smile, but it twitched a little. "More of moving, actually."
"And leave Ireland? Where in Ireland did you live? Maybe you grew up with Niall?" Liam asked.
I laughed uneasily. "I would've recognized Niall if I had lived near him. I'm from Victoria Bridge, in Tyrone."
"Small town, isn't it?" Niall asked.
"Very. Population resides around... three-hundred and eighteen people. Somewhere around there," I replied.
"Wow! I'm from Mullingar, in Westmeath."
"Sounds bigger than Victoria Bridge."
They all laughed, before I forgot. "Oh. I still don't know you're names."
"Us three?"
"Yep! I know that's Niall and that's Liam, but who are you?"
The curly haired boy's jaw dropped. "You weren't kidding when you said you didn't know who we were. I'm Harry. That's Zayn and that is my lover, Louis."
My eyebrows went up instantly. "Wait, repeat?!"
Louis and Harry cracked up laughing. I just stayed in my seat, patiently waiting for a flight attendant to ask if I wanted a drink. Speak of the devil-
"Excuse me, sirs, but we'll be landing soon. If you could please take a seat?"
They all retreated to their seats when my phone buzzed in my lap.

I know you left. Don't think you'll get that far.

My eyes widened and my phone dropped from my hands. Liam picked it up and was about to look at it when I turned on him. "NO! Give that here!"
He stared at me, before passing my phone. "Are you alright?"
"I-I'm fine!" I peeped, shoving my phone into my pocket.
"Thank you for flying with us!" Is all I heard before grabbing my bag and running as fast as my legs could push me.
"Hey, wait up!" Liam called.
My phone buzzed again and I stopped, staring down at it.

I will find you before long, Merida.

My hands trembled and my throat was closing up. Another panic attack.
I ran through the crowd, hiding behind a tall plant. I muffled my sobbing with my hand and tried to calm down.
He can't find me. How did he know I left? I left last night, while the village was asleep.
I froze. Oh God, crap, crap, crap. I forgot about Liam and the others.
"Where'd she go, mate?" Harry asked.
I peeked out from the bushes.
"Dunno. She looked upset," Liam said, looking around. For a second I thought he saw me, but luckily he looked away.
"About what?" Zayn questioned.
Liam looked back at the way the plane was, then at the ground. "She got a text on her phone, and she went pale as if she'd seen a ghost."
"You get her number?" Niall laughed.
Liam sighed. "No, Niall, I didn't. Besides, Danielle and I are a thing now."
"Really? An official thing?" pestered Harry.
Liam sighed. "I don't know. Come on, we have to get to the hotel."
As they walked away, I crawled out from the bush. They can't see me again, I mean, what are the odds? They'd probably never see me again! London is a large town.

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