Pathetic Poems

Yeah, so these are just some poems that I wrote down or came up with. Thought I'd share them :)

Chapter 1

Wishing for You

Why am I not good enough for you?
All you do is paint my world blue,
While I cry in my room like I'm two.

I know you don't care,
Cause you can't possibly see,
What all your negativity is doing to me.

You don't yell it or scream it,
But my ears bleed when I hear it.
Your words cut like a knife,
Tearing out my insides.

Don't tell me I don't understand,
Life is universally a lonely land.
The one thing you can't see,
Is you're taking it out on me.

The kisses and hugs,
Will never be enough.
Lies and goodbyes,
Just tear me up.

Don't let us slip away,
Like rain on a windowpane,
Till nothing is left,
But a wet soggy mess.

Please don't leave me alone,
I'm afraid of what I'll do,
With nothing to cling to.

I've lost all my faith,
Can’t find an escape,
Where were you when I needed you?

The rain's pouring down,
The sky filling with clouds,
The silence is so very, very loud.

All I want is you,
What we had, what we shared,
Can you find it in yourself to care,
What will happen to me and you?

What more can I say,
It’s just been another day,
I've wasted wishing for you.

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