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What would you do if you were being hunted down by the guards of your own hometown and every other town on Earth just because you had a mark on you wrist that looked like a hypnotizing swirl with arrows on both ends? Exactly-Run, hide, and fight if needed.
Join Adisa, Tanvir, and Runako on their run from death-and time.

Chapter 1


Adisa McKinnon was born on April 17, 4009 in Lennox on Earth, so she is fourteen now. Since the 2000's, the Earth's Pangea cycle has reversed, and all the land is back together in one again. All in one. Everything has changed. There are Kingdoms again, instead of towns. There is more advanced technology, and there are Loaders.

Adisa McKinnon is one of them.

Loaders can go back in time, and into the future, by touching the black, prominent birthmark on their wrist. It looks like the hypnotizing swirl, but both ends have arrows on them. It's supposed to resemble time traveling.

If we could ask Adisa McKinnon what she thinks about being a Loader, she'd probably reply with, "It's horrid. I don't even know how I manage it. It's practically impossible unless you're as fast as a car and you can camoflauge like a camilean."

And that's exactly what she said when she was on the run with her friends Tanvir Vancurren, thirteen, and Runako Zoglman, fourteen, two other Loaders, except they are males, Adisa is a female.

The question left to be answered, even by Adisa, Tanvir, Runako, and every other Loader...

What are they going to do?

And can the trio find the bravery and the courage to keep going, or will they just commit suicide?

Questions are all they are left with.

No home.

No Loader's land.

No answers.

by: NotNecissarily

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