One in a million- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

One in a million- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Okay so i know it's been a while since i've posted a story and i've been talking to a few of guys about the boys. I've been busy but managed to write this story and i was going for something cute but suspenseful at the same time. I actually saw them in concert at Camden May 28th!!!! the title picture is my favorite picture i took of Louis and if you want to see more just ask :) row 20 does a lot of wonders:) Comments and criticism is always wanted so don't be shy ;) Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

Their mine!

by: 1D4Life
I raced home from the bus stop as fast as my legs would let me. Emily was a little behind and I could hear her gasping for air as she ran.
"Vic…slow…down." She said panting.
"Hurry up Em! We've got 30 minutes!" I curved the corner and ran a little further before running up into my house.
"Hi Victoria." My mom said from the kitchen. With anxiety taking over, I made it quick and went into the kitchen.
"Hi." I said quietly looking around. Emily came in and slammed the door and collapsed on the ground. My mom looked through the doorway.
"Is she okay?" She said staring at her. I waved a hand dismissively.
"Yeah she's fine." I said, "I have 20 minutes before the tickets go on sale." I said.
"You're not going."
"What!? You said I could yesterday. You do not go back on your word over this." I said pointing a finger at me.
"Don't you point at me young lady." I slapped my sides.
"Mom, you promised." My dad came home from work and I watched as he stepped over Emily who was still getting her strength back from the floor.
"What's she complaining about?" He asked my mom.
"Those dumb tickets."
"There not dumb!" I screamed at her.
"You did promise her." He said.
"It's a waste of money and she needs to get three of them." I looked at the clock, 15 minutes.
"Mom I'm getting them." I ran out of the room and dragged Emily up the stairs.
"YOU ARE NOT!" She hollered from the kitchen. I stopped midway on the steps and felt a tear run down my cheek.
"Kel just let her." My dad said.
"No, it's a waste of money!"
"She did get straight A's and kept her chores up." He stated. I heard my mom sigh loudly.
"Fine." I raced up the rest of the stairs and went to the computer. I logged on and pulled up the website. The countdown was on. I moved the mouse over the 'Buy Now' button and waited. My lips were pursed and the room fell silent.
"What if we don’t get them?" Emily said in a worried tone.
"We will, think positive." I said through clenched teeth. I've waited for too long not to get these. I've begged and pleaded too much not to get these. There was no way in heck I would not get these tickets. 5…4...3…2…1! I clicked the button and it brought up a list of seats. I clicked on the best seats for three available not even caring about the price.
"Credit card! I need a credit card!" Emily ran out of the room quickly and returned back within seconds. She handed me the card and I dropped it in the process.
"Hurry up!" She screamed. I picked it up and read the numbers out loud while punching them in. I filled out the rest of the application and confirmed the purchase. I stared at the screen waiting for the page to load. Emily was basically on top of my by this point but I didn’t bother to push her off. The screen came back on.

Thank you, your purchase was successful. Your tickets will be delivered within a few days time.

"WE DID IT!" Emily shouted. I felt the weight of my anxiety lift off of my shoulders and I could finally breathe.
"We're gonna see One Direction!" I said.
"We're gonna see our husbands!" She said.
"Whoa, easy there tiger."
"What if we meet them? Oh my god I think I'd faint. I know I'd faint." She said completely ignoring my comment.
"We've got a little while before we see them." I said.
"Then we don't have time to lose. We need to start making shirts, get face paint, puffy paint…" She started to name a whole list and I cut her off.
"Slow down. We'll do all the things we need to do before the concert." I said.
"Oh my god, I can't wait!" We both screeched and squealed a little before calming down. We only had about a month before the concert and there was no time to waste.

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