I Remember......(For MichelleWeasley's Contest!)

Chapter 1

Remembering 9/11

RGN was doing an exclusive of 9/11, they gathered people who were affected by the horrible tragedy, that made Aerica crumble to its knees. A day Amarica will remember for as long as it lives.
I'm Rose McAdams, and I'm on of the people RGN gathered to talk about how 9/11 affected my life. How did it affect my life? Well, it took my father away from me.
"Rose McAdams?,"a lady asked as she came out of a room. I stood up and walked towards her,"Ready?"
"Yes,"I replied as I entered the room. There was a camara right in the middle, surronded by two more people.
"Hi Rose, I'm Joseph and I'll be asking you some questions, please take a seat,"said the only male of the group, pointing to the cahir right in front of the camera. I simply did as I was told.
"Okay, so please tell us your full name and how dd 9/11 affected your life,"he said as soon as I sat down.
"My name is Rose Nikki McAdams, and 9/11 affected me in a huge way by taking away my father,"I said looking straight at the camera.
"How old were you when this happened?,"he asked.
"I was seven at the time,"I said as flashback started to fill my memory.
"Will you please tell us the story?,"he asked.
"Sure, I rememder it as it happened yesterday. That morning I woke up sick, so, I didn't go to school. My dad stayed with for a while bofre going to work. Later that day my mom and I began making breakfast. I remember my mom getting a call, she answered with the smile she always had,"I began telling them,"it was my dad saying he may had to work late. She told him it was okay, that she would wait up like she always did. She hung up the phone and turn to look at me and told me never to trust a working man. Once we started to eat, we had eggs with pancakes and orange juice. I still remember the fresh smell that filled our home...our home."
I stopped for a while as I cleaned up some tears that had come out.
"Sorry,"I told Jospeh and his crew.
"Its okay, tae your time,"he simply replied handing me a tissue. I took it and continued with my story.
"Five minutes into breakfast the phone started to ring again. When my mom answered her smile quickly faded. She started to ask what's wrong, what's wrong. Five minutes into the conversation the line went dead and the phone fell from her hand. She fell on her knees and started to cry,"I paused for a little while, relive the moment,"I asked her what's wrong, and why was she crying. She didn't respond, she simply kept on crying. Then, after a while, she told me to go to my room, that she needed some grown time. My aunt, Haylee, arraived as soon as she said. I did as I was told. I fell aslepp quickly, being sick and all. When I woke up again, it was time for my bed time, so, I got up to tell goodnight t my mother and father. I went downstairs to find half of my family there, most of them crying. My mom asked me what was I doing up. I remember looking up at her and saying the I wanted to say goodnight to you and daddy. She completly lost...."
More tears started to escape, this was just so much. As soon as I cleaned some, more came out.
"Do you need some time?,"asked Joseph. I looked up to see the other two women with tears in their eyes.
"Nah, I just want to end this......she told me daddy wasn't home, to go to bed, but I kept insisting, I really just wanted to say goodnight to my daddy. Finally she broke down and told me. She told me daddy wasn't going to come home, that he was in a better place. I remember looking up at her and asking her if he left us, she said that he did but he didn't want to, that he was called by God, that God needed him more than we needed him. That night before I went to be I prayed, I remember asking God why he had taken my daddy, that I did need him, that I needed my daddy to help my with my home work, that I needed my daddy to play with me and mommy, and that I needed my daddy's love. I was mad at God, mad that he took away my daddy, who did he tought he was to take away my daddy...up to this I pray, asking him why he took away such a wonderful man from his family, who loved him so much."
With that I was done, I looked up to see them clearing some tears.
"Thank you,"sais Joseph as I stood to leave, I simply looked at him and nodded before leaving.


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