you guys i've really had enough

title says all

Chapter 1 gone

Hey guys....i've been doing a long run with the whole quibblo thing and i would like to say 09 up until now has been great but...quibblos losing it and me altogether just to make this a long story short: I'm leaving im going to my wattpad and quizzaz but who knows i might delete my quizzaz,too why because its complicated obviously i'm going to transfer all of my stories and stuff to my wattpad before i leave but still. wattpad doesnt have ridiculous new owners and i like it there it has NO rules,people cant even copy your work there you can copyright it,rate it and say whatever you want and get this, people actually READ my stories on wattpad! yes i only have about 19 reads on my crossover stroy i have 250 something on my wattpad. and the only problem im having now is that people wont give me any feedback like i want it but thats just about it before i leave i'm going to give you my wattpad name..alot has changed since the new year has started not just with quibblo but with myself as well. i love all of you,i really do and i enjoyed talking to most of you on here but i have to move on. quibblo treats us like were children, i've matured and i cant show that kind of work here so within the week... i'll be gone but as i said before,i'm going to put all of my stories that i havnt transfered already onto my wattpad where i'm making alot oof progress thanks for your support~ Imani :3


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