One-Shot Story Contest!!!! Read intro! [UPDATED AGAIN!!!!!! Third chapter!]

I've been thinking about doing a contest for a while, so... Ya! COMMENT if you're going to enter. Don't comment just to say "I'd like to but I can't" or whatever. Prize suggestions are welcome. Details down there.

Chapter 1

Rules and stuff...

This is a one shot story contest, so the entry must be a one shot, or a single chapter story. You can turn it into a multi-chapter story, but it will only be judged on the first chapter.

Entries will be due by June 26.

Yes, you can submit a one-shot that has already been written. Just make sure you add "for MichelleWeasley's Story Contest" in the title, and message it to me or just send out invites.

Okay, so there's gonna be two categories: humour, and... err... I don't know what to call it, but, ya know, the serious type.
Humour, I think is pretty obvious, it just means its a joking, funny type of story.
A serious story might be about death or something of that nature.
There'll be a winner and runner-up for each category.

You can enter Harry Potter Fanfiction, Hunger Games fanfiction, or Warriors Fanfiction.
As for Warriors, I haven't read the last couple of books and I don't even know which one I stopped reading at, so talk to me first in a message or comment.
If you wanna do a fanfic on a different book, send me a message or submit a comment telling me what book, and I'll see what I can do.
You may also do Percy Jackson, but please only base it off the first book, because I don't remember a thing about the others. You might wanna talk to me about that one, too.
You can't do Twilight, so don't even ask. I'm also not into Starkid.
Of course, you can do an original story of any kind.

It has to have "for MichelleWeasley's Story Contest" in the title. Please message me the link, or just send out invites.

It will be judged on grammar, plot, story elements, dialogue, flow, etc. Spelling doesn't really matter as long as it makes sense, but I won't accept stuff tht luks lik di$ lik ur txtin cuz ur jst kewl lik tht. No.

Okay well, I'm not really good at prizes, so... Err... If you have ideas...? But this is what I'm thinking so far.
1st Place: 5 stars and a comment on 5 of your quizzes/stories. Also a shout-out on my profile, and a story dedicated to you, telling people to read your story.
Runner-up: 5 stars and a comment on 3 of your quizzes/stories. Also a shout-out on my profile.
I need prize ideas, because as you can see these are pretty pathetic. Help!

If you have questions, message me or put it in the comments : ] Thanks for reading and I'd love if you'd enter : ]

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