A Summer Love Story

A original love story and if you like it comment and telll me if you want me to continue!! Girl: Payton 16 Boy: Will 16

Chapter 1

Here I Come California!!!

I couldnt wait for our trip to Cali!! We were going to be there all summer. I couldnt have been happier. It was my parents my 13 year old brother, Bobby, My older brother, Lucas,and his twin and my older brother Nathan they were both 17 and me being the only girl i got to bring a friend and of course i chose my best friend Kaylee. It was late and we had decided we had better get some sleep because we were leaving at 4:30am.

The plane ride was so super boring. We all slept most of the way. When i was awake i didnt do anything but read a little bit. When we arrived of course we all wanted to go to the beach. But mom and dad said we had to go to the hotel and check in and get settled first. But as soon as that was done we were in our bikinis at the beach. Kaylee and I went swimming and had a blast. As we were just laying there talking i noticed this group of guys nearby and this one in praticular kept looking at me. Just by coinceidence i happened to think he was the cutest one out of the group. Every time we met each others glance we both instantly blushed. Kaylee noticed and told me i should go for it but i couldnt. so she told me to go to the snack bar and get us some slushies and so i did. It just so happened as I was standing there he came over. He said, I didnt mean to be staring but i couldnt help it. I blushed and said, Its okay I was thinking the same about you. He then said, Hi my name is Will whats yours? I replied, Payton. He said, Well Payton this is sudden but why dont we get together tonight meet me here at 6:30. Give me this one chance. I said, Okay then its a date. We both blushed and he said as he was walking slowly away backwards, Great, see you tonight! I felt like someone had set 34,000 firecrackers in my stomach i was so excited I rushed to go tell Kaylee. She was so happy and we immediatly went back to our room so she could start getting me all ready.
Okay so if you like it comment and tell me bc if you dont i wont continue it soo lemme knowwwwww


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