For Rose's HP Contest~ Harry Potter Muggle Adventures

Hey guys! This is a story about the characters as Muggles. One chapter will be for each of the characters and it will be a summery of their life not as a wizard or a witch. I hope you all like this. Please comment with what characters I should do (I'm already doing the Golden Trio). The character has to be one of the main ones because I need to know stuff about them to make them Muggles in another life. This is for Rose's HP Contest if you didn't guess! Check it out and sign up it's fun! Enjoy

Chapter 1

Harry Potter

It's not a mystery where Harry was. His parents died in a car crash and he was taken into his Uncle's and Aunt's family when he was just a baby. Life in the Dursley's wasn't pleasant for ickle wee Harry Potter. At the very start, he was shoved into the cupboard under the stairs. Harry was forced to do all the work, cooking, cleaning, the works. He was almost like another Cinderella. His cousin, Dudley, and his mates were always mean to him and bullying him because Harry was short, had broken glasses and no life whatsoever. His Uncle Vernon sent him to Stonewall High (which was a local school). Harry was not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he did keep up with his school work. Dudley and his mates never missed an opportunity to pick on him. Harry Potter was the perfect victim considering he never did anything about it. Eventually, he got too big for his cupboard so he was moved to Dudley's spare bedroom much to Dudley's dismay. This only caused Harry more bullying from Dudley (or Big D as he was known at school). Harry Potter was not the only one Big D and his gang picked on, but he got a lot of attention because he was Dudley's cousin and because he looked like a nerd and because he was an orphan. When he finished school, having not much of a life, he joined his Uncle and cousin at Grunnings Drills. Harry did not end up being the CEO (that was Dudley's job) but did end up being in a high station at the factory. He made good income and bought his own house. He ended up marrying a girl he sat next to in most of his classes, Tiana Waverly. They lived in Privet Drive a couple houses down from the Dursleys and had three kids.

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