Harry Potter Anything Goes Contest!

Chapter 1

what do you think

So, I want to make a Harry Potter contest! Which means anything goes!
-Love Story
-Goodbye Letter(Like George Saying Goodbye to Fred, Or Lily and James To Harry, ect.)
-Letters(Between The Characters, Could Be About Anything)
-Original Characters Story
-If I Were (Such Character) I Would Have Done This Instead
-Harry Potter Meets Twilight/The Hunger Games/The Outsiders/ect.
-If The Harry Potter Characters Were Muggles
-Which House Is The Best and Why
-A Character's Diary

You can enter in as many categories as you want, but make sure you can handle all at the same time!

-In The Title Put "For Rose's HP Contest"
-Can Be As Long As You Want
-Deadline: December 31, 2012
-Be Creative
-It Can Be A Group Story

Still To Come:))

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