Life In District 2 (Cato and Clove Love Story)

Well, I'm bored, and I'm pretty much the biggest Clato shipper in the universe, so I decided to write this story. This takes place back in District 2, a year before they compete in the Games. Hope you like it! :D

Chapter 2

The Start Of It All

Cato's P.O.V.

I can't help but to stare at Clove as we walk. Her beautiful black hair glistens in the bright sun, leaving me stunned. She is beautiful, and there's no one even more so. It's hard to hide my feelings for her. We finally get to our school, where the prom is held. There are a bunch of people here already, working on putting up the decorations. Prom is next week, so we have to work hard to get things done. I'm in charge of the food and catering, so I don't have to do much. I start to work on calling caterers, when Clove interrupts me.

"Can I help with anything?" she asks. "I'm kind of bored, everybody else has something to do but me."

I'm about to tell her that she can help me make some calls, but that isn't exactly what comes out of my mouth.

"Let's bail," I say. "Train in the gym, it's more important than this. Catering can wait until tomorrow." She gives me a little smile, which I take as a yes.

The gym in our school is huge. We have stations, and we usually rotate about three times every class. Clove's favorite station is the knife station, which doesn't surprise anyone. My favorite station is actually spear-throwing, the swords here are too tiny for me to use.

"Have you ever thrown a knife before?" Clove asks as she throws one at a target.

"Yeah, a couple of times. Not my best skill, but I can throw one pretty damn well," I say. Clove raises her eyebrow and laughs.

"Well, let's see it then. Throw a knife at this target over here," she says, pointing to a target about ten feet away from where I'm standing. She hands me a knife, and I throw it, completely missing the bullseye.

"You're right, Cato. Definitely not your best skill," she says with a smirk. "That was pathetic." She throws a knife at the same target, hitting the bullseye without a problem.

"Let's see you throw this spear," I say, handing her the largest one there was. She almost drops it, and now it's my turn to laugh.

"Spear throwing? Easy!" she says. She throws the spear at the nearest target, but instead hits the wall. Her face turns beat red, she's clearly embarassed.

"Here, let me show you," I say, grabbing one of the smaller spears. I come up behind her and hand her the spear. I keep one hand on her waist, the other on her throwing hand.

"Now you just pull your arm back, and throw the spear when your arm is fully extended." I help her, she's clearly struggling. I pull back the spear, and she lets go of it once her arm is straightened. The spear hurtles towards the target, and hits the bullseye. I let go of her waist, and she turns around. We stare at eah other for a brief moment, and we draw closer to each other. Our lips are about to meet when the head of the Prom commitee interrupts us.

"Cato, what are you doing in here? Get to work!" she shouts. She leaves, and Clove is embarassed again.

"Well, um, thanks for the help with spear work, I think I should leave now," she says, hurrying out of the gym. I watch her leave, and a feeling of disappointment runs through my body. I almost kissed her. She almost kissed me. Almost.

Clove's P.O.V.

I hurry out of the school, leaving Cato behind. I don't know what happened back there. I was about to kiss him. It was almost a dream come true for me. I've liked him for the longest time, and now I know he likes me back. I'm sure of it. It felt nice when he was holding me, I felt safe in his arms. Now it's all over.
Rain started to pour down on me, and by the time I got home I was soaking wet. I had to dry off before I could go in the house, because I would track mud all over the carpet. After I was dry, I ran up to my room and slammed the door. I threw myself on top of my bed and started to cry for the first time in a while. It was the perfect moment for me to have my first kiss, but it was all ruined. I hear a soft knock on my door, and my mom peeks into my room.

"You have a visitor," she says. She leaves my room and Cato walks in. I give a faint smile, but I am silent.
"You don't have to say anything," he says. "Just listen." I look at him, waiting to hear what he needs to say.
"Look, Clove. I like you a lot. Not just as a friend. You're beautiful and you're tough. You're the most amazing girl I have ever met." He sits down next to me, and I stare into his eyes.
" I know that you might not like me that way, but I just had to tell you," he finishes. " I think I'm in love with you, Clove." I stare into his eyes. He's clearly waiting for me to say something, but I don't say anything. I just press his lips against mine, kissing him with passion.

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