Life In District 2 (Cato and Clove Love Story)

Well, I'm bored, and I'm pretty much the biggest Clato shipper in the universe, so I decided to write this story. This takes place back in District 2, a year before they compete in the Games. Hope you like it! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Clove's P.O.V.

"Clovey, wake up!" I hear my little sister's voice echo throughout my room. "Don't. Call. Me. Clovey." I snarl. She knows I'm mad, and bolts downstairs. I sit on the edge of my bed and rub my eyes. I put on my Training outfit and throw my hair in a messy bun. I walk downstairs and see Cato waiting for me, and I can't help but smile. Cato is the "bad boy" of District 2, and all the girls like him. He seems to hang mostly around me, though. "You ready?" he asks. I nod, and we head off to Training. It's a while away, because it's all the way on the other side of District 2. Training is the only place where I can be away from my family, which makes me happy. I trip over a twig while thinking, but Cato catches me. He laughs and helps me to my feet. I try not to blush, but I can't help it. Everything he does makes me like him. I try not to, but it's impossible to not like him. We finally get to Training, and I head over to where I spend my time here, the knife throwing station. Knife throwing is my specialty, it always has been. Most people fear me for my talent with knives. It doesn't bother me. Next year, I will volunteer to compete in the Hunger Games, so I need to practice. I grab a couple of knives and throw them at dummies as their bodies light up. Bullseye, bullseye, bullseye. I have flawless aim.

Cato's P.O.V.

I watch her throw knives, and I can't help but to be impressed. She has perfect aim, she never misses. I look away and walk over to my favorite station, swords. I pick up the long, silver sword and slice dummies one by one. Every girl behind me claps, and they all scream "Good job Cato!" Why do I have to be so perfect? Why can't the one girl I actually like notice? I put my sword back, and walk over to Clove. "Hey." she says. "Hey." I remember that I have to leave early today, and tell her I'm leaving. I start walking out, but she catches up with me. "Where are you going?" she asks impatiently. "You don't want to know." I reply. "C'mon." she says. "You can tell me. "Fine." I say. "You know that we're having Prom next week, right?" I ask. She nods. "I'm part of the committee." I mumble. She laughs hysterically, and I walk faster. "No, it's fine!" she says, holding back her laughter. "I'll come with you." I raise my eyebrow, but don't say anything. She moves closer to me, now we are side by side.This is the first time I've been happy in a long time.

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