Niall Horan love story!(:

Renee & Maddie Best friend's forever.. Maddie love's One Direction! Renee on the other hand isn't the biggest fan! Maddie's favorite is Zayn Malik<3.. But, if Renee had too choose of course she would choose the Cute&Funny Niall Horan(:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Renee Walters:
-Long brown hair,
-Beautiful curls.
-Bright Breathtaking Hazel eyes!
-Doesn't take compliments very well..
-Pretty short for her age 5'4. She's 17!
-Is kinda in to One Direction if had too pick a favorite it would be the Famous Niall Horan! (:

Maddie Lane:
-Straight long blonde hair
-Crystal Blue Eyes
-Not very conceded,Very Hyper at times
-Lovessssss One direction Her favorite is the Shy Zayn Malik (:
- Kinda shorth 5'5 in a half 18

Okay Thats the dicriptions i will add a story on later(:

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