We are running out of time. The world is in deep danger, and the most important time keepers have mystiriously vansihed, and left the task to 4 ordinary children. At least they think they are...Now, even with such a big item at stake, there seems to be no spark of ideas. But they must hurry and figure out how to deal with this mess before time runs out completly

Chapter 1

Wishful Thinking


When the suns pale yellow rays turned instanly dark, I knew something was up. i ran down the stairs and everyone had panic in their eyes. " Am I gonna die?" My 5 year old sister Lafayette asked. ( Yes our family has strange names ) Instead of the normal No, no one spoke. It seemed as if Death itself was vandalizing our world. Our clocks had gone berserk and some of the hands were flying everywhere. Finally, I broke the silence, " WHat's for breakfast?" I asked delibratly. "Nothing" was my fathers answer. "AHHHHHHH we're gonna die!!!!!!!,"screamed Lafayette. Again, no one spoke, as my sister ran around the house. I decided to search the pantry, to forget about the troubles. It was empty, "Has anyone gone grocery shopping?" I asked. No one answered. Now that's aggrevating. I wanted to command everyone to speak, but I was sure no one was going to. Ugh. I was too proud to ever think this, but now with the help of my family, I was thinking something that Lafayette had already verbally told us: We were going to die.

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