A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

It's not very good, but it's a story none the less.

Chapter 1

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In a land of old, where magic and myth were real, a young Prince had woken from his dreams of a young girl not of this world. He knew at once he wanted to meet her, if only she were real. He went forth to the wizard council telling them of his dreams, "Is it possible?" he asked.
"Of course it is you silly Prince," and elderly witch said, "There are more worlds than this one, you know"
The Prince was full of joy at the idea of meeting this girl, "Can you bring her to me?"
"We can, but all things come with a price. We will bring you the girl, but once there is a sign of love, you will be separated forever."
The Prince tried to stay hopeful, "And if I could break it?"
"Then so be it." They said as the room around him filled with a green mist, marking the beginning of our story.

"Sarah, you're going to fall," he laughed watching the girl of his dreams climb from tree to tree in the forest.
"No way, this is easy," she said, "Come join me."
"I think I'll stay on the ground."
"you're no fun," she said dropping down beside him.
"I want to meet some people, come on" he said pulling her deeper into the forest.
They came upon a hut, it was one of those places you felt at home just being near it. Sitting outside the hut were some strange creatures: a dwarf, some fairies, a hobbit, and a young man. "Sarah, this is my friend Kyle, he's a woodsman. This is Grapel the dwarf, Fairy Green and Fairy Blue, and Harry the hobbit. They are all good friends."
"It's nice to meet you," she smiled as they all exchanged greetings.
"You know it's not safe to let her this close to you. You know what will happen," Kyle warned.
"I know," Prince William said.
"I don't" Sarah said.
"You see I had this dream," he started.
"Don't do it," Fairy Blue said.
"It'll happen now," Fairy Green said.
"She has a right to know," Grapel grumbled.
"Anyways," Said the Prince, taking Sarahs hands, "I had this dream about this amazing girl and I asked the Wizard Council to bring her to me and they did, but if there was ever a sign of love they would stop it."
"And I'm that girl," She said.
"Yes," he smiled, "See guys we're perfectly fine. Now how about a drink." he said walking toward the hut, when suddenly a robed figure appeared in front of him with an evil grin, "Times up" he said grabbing Prince William and disappearing.
Screams came from the fairies, "The Prince has been kidnapped by the Wizard Council."
"We have to save him" Sarah said automatically.
"You can't get him back once they take him, thats it. They never go back on their word."
"Well lets just see about that" She said heading toward the town.
"Wait!! You're going to need some magic," Fairy Green yelled chasing after her.

"This my dear," Fairy Green said handing her a necklace, "will help you get past the wards of the council. You should be able to get in but that's all the help I can give. Good luck."

Sarah made her way into the council slowly avoiding guards and climbing the stairs to the top, where the Wizards Keep was held. She entered the room unarmed and unprepared, but she was determined to get what she wanted.
"Can we help you?" they said.
"I want Prince William back."
"Here," they said tossing a doll at her, "There he is all trapped inside that doll. I would be careful though he is sensitive." they laughed.
"Change him back" she said sounding more brave than she felt.
"Why is this so important to you?" An elderly witch asked.
"Because…because I love him," she whispered.
A tall wizard in all black sat up. He was in the center of the table so she knew he was in charge, "We don't change things back, especially for love."
One of the wizards came up and snatched the doll out of her hands. She wrapped her arm around his neck without thinking, "Give him back or I'll break your neck." He dropped the doll and she let go.
She felt the urge to try again. She reached up and pulled a sword from the wall, pointing it at the head wizard. "Change him back now."
The Wizard laughed, " My wards are strong, your puny fairy magic is no match for mine. you would die before you reached me."
"If you're not going to change him, then I'm willing to take my chances." She said stepping forward with her sword. The sword met its target as a wave of heat washed over her and everything went black.

She opened her eyes to see her prince leaning over her, "I love you too," he laughed, kissing her smiling red lips. And from that point on they lived Happily Ever After. The End!


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