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"Olivia Dawn, come to die?" laughed Silo in her high pitched voice, clood red eyes wider than ever before, grin spread maliciously across her snow white face and her purplish bangs covered one of her eyes.
"Close," Olivia said, smirked, raised her wand, and shot a spell right at Silo's middle, sending her flying back, smacking into the marble wall.

Chapter 3

Daddy Issues

When Olivia got home, her Mum was passed out on the couch, and James was next to her watching TV. The baby, Liam, Olivia went to go see if he was in his crib-luckily her mother wasn't completely lazy.

Olivia crashed next to James and saw he was watching another one of what she thought to be stupid shows on his stupid channel.

"What is this?" Olivia teased.

"A show." he replied.

"No, really?" Olivia breathed sarcastically.


They were quiet for a while, and then Olivia got up and said, "I'm heading to my room for some more intelligent humor, feel free to join me when you feel like being smart."

"Don't count on it," said James.

Olivia stomped up the creaky steps-well she didn't really stomp, but if she didn't tip-toe that's what it felt like to her-and into her room. She opened the door and closed it, and heard something lock behind her.

She turned around to see the door had locked. Olivia grasped the doorknob and twisted and turned and couldn't get it open. She begged the inanimate object to let her out-you couldn't lock or unlock it from the other side, so either there was a ninja in her room or something very paranormal was going on.

"Please," she whispered. "please let me out! JAMES!"

Olivia cared way too much about her family to be shut up in her room for eternity.

Olivia started to yell James's name and her mother's in hope of James would care enough to tear his attention away from the television screen and her mum would wake up; but neither happened, it was as if she were in a sound-proofed room.

She turned around and she saw that her Dad was standing right in front of her face, with his ragged clothes and dirty brown hair and light brown eyes-which explains a bit how Olivia got her amber eyes, but hardly much-and he was much taller than her. Olivia clasped both her hands onto her mouth and fell to her knees, and she almost cried, but she couldn't, but she wanted to.

"Dad," she said through her strained voice.

Olivia hardly noticed-no, she didn't notice that they were in a completely different setting, a marble castle is what it looked like to Olivia considering the small houses she's always lived in.

"Olivia," growled his low voice, no hint of happiness traced anywhere in it. "you come to me, now, to die? You come to me now, to die, and to leave your family behind as I did? You come here now, to quit?"

"No," whispered Olivia. "no, I didn't come here to die! Where am I?"

"You know where you are," he replied, his ghost-like figure hauntingly dissolving into thin air. "you know..."

And at last, her father vanished before her eyes, and she screamed, reaching out her arm, her hand, extending her fingers and trying to grasp something of him to at least hold on to, but where his figure once stood, the only thing left to grab was the figment of Olivia's imagination.

The only things left to grab were memories and a bunch of unresolved daddy issues.

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