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"Olivia Dawn, come to die?" laughed Silo in her high pitched voice, clood red eyes wider than ever before, grin spread maliciously across her snow white face and her purplish bangs covered one of her eyes.
"Close," Olivia said, smirked, raised her wand, and shot a spell right at Silo's middle, sending her flying back, smacking into the marble wall.

Chapter 2

The Lake and the Guitar

Olivia, Adria, and Devin Bathory walked home together. Devin was going to ride home with his family on the bus, but he wanted to better welcome Olivia to the school.

Devin's jet black bangs caressed his eye even when the wind was blowing Olivia's around wildly. Adria and Devin, not to mention Devin's family and Adria's family also, had already known each other for a long time-kinder garden they said-before Olivia joined the family. Family, because they all treated each other like that. They weren't afraid to hug each other-though kissing was agreed going way too far.

"So, Olivia," said Devin, in his slow, handsome voice. "England, yes?"

"Yeah," said Olivia. "I tend to edge more towards there than here. I mean, the people at my school were better. I don't like that group of three girls here-what were their names? Bratty, Jealous, and Ugly?"

Adria laughed with Olivia while Devin just grinned.

"I have worse names for them," said Olivia. "trust me. But I'm not sure it'd fit in their vocabluary. It already has ten words in it, my god! That must be stressful for pea-brains such as their's."

"You're so mean," Devin said, still grinning.

"Oh like you got some room to talk," Adria laughed, punching his arm.

"Hey, they're some dark things in your past too," Devin spat back sarcastically.

The whole time the trio was laughing.

"Oh now you make it sound like I'm in some assasin thing. ' There are dark
things in your past, Rush. '" Adria said.

"Hey, how about we play nicely?" Olivia pipped up, grinning.

"How about we go to the lake?" said Devin, grasping Adria's wrists from grabbing his neck, though still, they were laughing.

"What lake?" Olivia asked.

"Oh, Olivia, you have so much to learn." Adria said, wide-eyed.

Olivia ran behind Devin and Adria, Adria was the slowest, it was pretty much a slow jog for Olivia and Devin. They ran into the wind, past the evergreen trees and the tall, tall colour-shifting leaves and weeping willows. Weeping willows were Olivia's favorite trees. They gave her some sort of hidden protection when she was under them.

"Here," said Adria, panting as they came to a stop by the beach-looking lake. The water was dark and their were some boats with people fishing and many people were on the beach. But all the way to the end of the lake, Olivia spotted a boy playing guitar and singing quietly to himself.

Olivia started walking in the middle of Adria's sentence ("Hey! Come Back! Olivia!") and knew that people had started staring at her when she walked up behind him.

"Flip a penny or a coin, heads I'm your's, tails you're mine! Nothing to say else, Nothing else to say, it's just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off'a you... Naw..." He said, and erased about half of those lyrics in a song book, Olivia guessed it to be.

"Why would you erase that?" said Olivia, sitting down beside him after he gave a start.

The boy was a little tan, not much, had dorky glassed that Olivia loved, messy brown hair, and navy blue eyes. His posture with a girl sitting next to him was much less free than it had been writing and thinking he was alone.

He blushed.

"Are you Olivia Dawn?" he asked.

Olivia's turn.

"Yes, you?" she replied, turning rosy herself.

"Parker Johnson," he replied.

They kind of just looked at each other, both trying to figure the other out. Olivia wanted to jump into his past-there was something so interesting, mysterious, appealing about him. She could tell behind his suspicious eyes that there was something screaming to come out. Parker could tell the same about Olivia, that she was no ordinary middle school girl, that her past has been mended in so many ways it was hard to remember it all.

"Do you have any other songs?" asked Olivia.

Parker smiled, looking at the sand.

"I've been writing everyday sever since I could remember." he said, and his eyes traveled back to Olivia's amber irises. "But your eyes give me some inspiration-I've never seen anything like that before."

Olivia blushed. She never really was a romantic, but she had a feeling Parker could easily changed that.

"So, how did you know my name?" Olivia asked, curiously.

"Everybody's talking about you," he said. "school, the store, everywhere. I even went to the city last night, and there were a bunch of people talking about Olivia Dawn. I asked them if she.. Well if she looked like you, and they said, 'Yes, exactly! Do you know her?' and I replied, 'Yeah, sure, she goes to my school now,' and they pounded me with questions about your everyday life... I was like, 'What did this girl do?'"

Parker laughed, so to be polite, Olivia did too.

But really, that was a brilliant question-What did she do?

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