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"Olivia Dawn, come to die?" laughed Silo in her high pitched voice, clood red eyes wider than ever before, grin spread maliciously across her snow white face and her purplish bangs covered one of her eyes.
"Close," Olivia said, smirked, raised her wand, and shot a spell right at Silo's middle, sending her flying back, smacking into the marble wall.

Chapter 1

First Day

Olivia Dawn woke up in her new house in Minnesota on an early Monday morning for her first day of middle school, as a twelve year old sixth grader. Olivia wasn't held back, no not at all, she was probably smarter and more mature than anybody her age or in her grade, and sometimes more smart and mature than people above her grade.

Olivia's mother insisted she wear high heels for her first day of school. So Olivia wore white wedges with her blue denim shorts and black and white checkered shirt.

"Mum, I'm already taller than all the boys in my grade anyway, do I have to wear heels?" Olivia begged on her way out the door.

"Yes, Olivia! You have to make a stunning first impression!"

"This is rubbish!" Olivia replied in her British accent.

They had just moved from Longon, England to Minnesota.

"Well, too bad, Olivia. I'm your mother, now you do as I say. Have fun, now. Good luck!" her mother called, as her little brothers Liam and James, Liam was three and James was a gothic eleven year old, peered from behind Olivia's mum.

Olivia's straight black hair flowed behind her as she walked down the side walk to her school a block away and her side bangs flew in different directions making them look rough when she got inside the building. She blindly fixed them, not really caring anyway, and got stared at as she walked to the office for her schedual.

"Hello," said Olivia, greeting the plump blonde lady at the desk. "I-I'm Olivia Dawn. I need my-"

"Right here, darling," said the lady, handing her a pink post-it note that said all of her classes. "Now, go to homeroom before you're late."

"Thank you," Olivia said with a painfull smile.

"Mhm." the lady said, turning to her computer.

Olivia walked out of the office and she walked even faster to home room. She got out all of her stuff she would need for her first two classes and stumbled into advisory, also known as homeroom.

Everybody turned around to stare at the tall girl, in heels probably 5'7", and her long black hair swishing around her face as she moved her bangs out of one eye and left them in front of the other one. her eyes were amber, and they were flabbergasting on her pale skin.

Olivia waved awkwardly.

"Aha. Class, this is Olivia Dawn. Why don't you take a seat right here?" Ms. Jordan pointed to the desk all the way on the end in the front row.

"Er-may I sit here?" Olivia asked, pointing to the desk in the back of the room on the other side of where the teacher suggested.

Ms. Jordan looked pleasently surprised and replied with, "Why, of course."

Olivia set her things down on the desk she had chosen.

Through out the day, Olivia met many new people. She classified as one of the guys with some, but with others one of the populars. But where Olivia really thought she belonged was with the freaks. That's right, there were other people like her. Adria Rush, a tan, curly, red headed girl with dazzling light blue eyes, and her blonde friend Ivan Bleu with his big brown eyes, then there were other pale-faces. The Bathorys: Devin, Xavier, Elizabeth, and Zallie. Zallie was pronounced Zay-lee.

Adria Rush and Olivia Dawn became the best of friends that day.

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