Which One Direction Member are you?

Chapter 1

The quiz

Harry Styles
You have a strong voice. [x]
You have a deep voice.
You like older (wo)men.
You're fit.
You love cats. [x]
You sleep whenever possible. [x]
You have curly hair.
You're the younger one out of your group of friends. [x]
You care about what others think of you. [x]
You love sappy movies. [x]

Louis Tomlinson

You're funny. [x]
You aren't afraid to speak your mind. [x]
You're the older one out of your group of friends.
You like carrots.[x]
You have a higher voice. [x]
You were born on or very close to a holiday. [x]
You have many siblings.
You have been in a musical before.
You like striped clothing.
You have pair(s) of Toms. [x]

Niall Horan

You have an Irish descent. [x]
You LOVE food.
You tend to be more childish. [x]
You have blonde hair.
You have braces.
You are constantly on your phone/computer/etc. [x]
You play a musical instrument. [x]
You don't read very often.
You are good at impersonations.
People often mispronounce your name.

Liam Payne

You have an interesting fear.
You dedicate much of your time to people you love. [x]
You love Disney movies. [x]
You're loyal. [x]
You're faithful. [x]
You seem to be the leader of your group of friends. [x]
You had birth defects.
You have a summer birthday.
You love making people smile. [x]

Zayn Malik

You're shy at first. [x]
You put family first.
You are a very neat person. [x]
You have tattoos.
You bite your lip when you're nervous. [x]
You're romantic. [x]
You love chick flicks and other sappy films. [x]
You love deep, moving quotes. [x]
You're very protective. [x]
You smoke.

Harry: 6
Louis: 6
Niall: 4
Liam: 6
Zayn: 7

So who are you most like?

What's your favorite song by them?
Moments! :)

Are you seeing them?
Yes I'm seeing them in 2013 on the 22 of July!

Who's your favorite, anyway?
Well, I love them all so much but I have to say Liam!

Please copy and do your own! :D


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