How To Annoy People

Chapter 1

Yeah..I got super bored....

1. Tell someone your life story and include pointless/boring stories.

"So then it turns out my teddy bear was there the whole time!!" (other person walks away)

2. Tell them you have a secret and make it "hi."

"Hey, wanna hear a secret?" "Sure." "Ok.......hi!"

3. Go up to them and accuse them of something stupid.

"How could you?! You stole my grapes!!" "What are you talking about? I didn't steal your grapes!!" Don't deny it!!!"

4. Sing Baby by Justin Bieber in their ear.

"AND I WAS LIKE BABY, BABY, OOOHHH LIKE BABY!!!!!!" "Could you not shout in my ear?!!"

5. Whenever they look at you, accuse them of stalking you.

"Dude why are you stalking me?!! That's so creepy!!!" "I'm not stalking you!!" "Yes you are and I don't like it!!!"

6. Cry about a scene in a movie that's not even worth crying about.

"It was such a beautiful moment when Nemo's dad found him!!" "Ok......."

7. Tell them you have to go to the bathroom really bad. Then tell them "never mind."

"I have to go sooooo bad!!!!" "Then go!" "It's like an emergency!!!" "If you have to go so bad then go!!" "Never mind.."

8. Rant about ranting.

"Ranting is so annoying and immature!! Don't you think so?!" (other person mumbles) "It's not the only thing annoying and immature..."

9. Poke them repeatedly.

(poking repeatedly) "Would you stop poking me?!" "I would..but I'm not gonna." (continues poking)

10. Repeatedly say "Guess what" to them.

"Hey, guess what?" "What?" "Hey guess what??" "What?" "Hey guess what?" "What?!!" "Hey guess what?" "WHAT?!!!"

Soo I hope you enjoyed this!! :D Make your own list of ways to annoy people! I wanna see your ideas! Ok byee(:


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