Stand Up~A One Dirction Love Story

Stand Up~A One Dirction Love Story

This is my first story.So Im sorry if you dont like it:)

Chapter 1

With just one look<3

Name:Kayla Malik
Age:17 almost 18
Looks:Dark Brown Almost Black Hair, Very Dark Brown Eyes, Tan, Around 5'7"
Personality:Out Going, Fun, Ceekey, Energetic, and Athletic
Nicknames:K, A-la, or Bebe (only Mckenzy can call her Bebe)

Name:Rachel White
Age:Just turned 18
Looks:Sholder Length Dirty Blonde Hair, Light Blue Eyes, Kinda Pale, Around 5'6"
Personality:Very Smart, A "Goodie-Goodie", But Can Be Fun, Energetic, and Athletic
Nicknames:Ray-Ray or Ray

Name:McKenzy Pool
Looks:Long Dark Hair Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Tan, Short Around 5'2"(Look A Lot like Kayla, Offen Misktaken For Twins)
Personality:Very Cheeky, Funny, Energetic, Athletic, Random, And COMPLETLY MENTAL!!
Nicknames:Kenz, Kenzy,or Bobo(Only Kayla can Call her Bobo)
~They are Best Friend just like Sisters. They just moved to London from the U.S.~

Kayla's Pov
(Kayla wore: wore: wore:
Ray-Ray, Kenzy, and I are at the mall. Again we are asked if we are twins. "NO! We are not even related!" we replyed annoyed. Rachel just rolls her eyes....she seems to do that alot. Then my phone rings, Its my mum.
Me:Hello? Mum why are you crying?
My mum:Hi, sweetie.I have some not so good news...
Me:What is it mum?
My mum:Well you know how you look NOTHING like anybody else in the family? (Its true I have dark hair and dark eyes they had blonde hair and blue eyes.)
My mum:Well the hospital did a blood test a while back...
My mum:And since you are almost 18..we deciede to tell you..that you arent our child...
Me:W-what do you mean, why are you telling me NOW?! I cant believe you!!
I hung up the phone and walked back to the girls
"Whats wrong bebe?"Kenzy cried
"I'll tell you guys later bobo.I promise"I said changing the subject
"Im hungry!!"Kenzy and I said at the same time we are ALWAYS hungry
"When are you not?"Rachel said trying not to giggle
"When we are eating,Ray-Ray you know that!!"I said
"Why did you even ask?!?"Kenzy said from the dressing room
"I dont even know.I have know you for how long now?"Rachel said
I counted on my fingers "Um..9ish years..I think"I said unsure
"I hate when guys say 'lol'"Kenzy said coming out of the dressing room randomly ..she says stuff like that randomly. It was true it drives her NUTS!!
Rachel and I are rolling on the floor laughing our butts off!!

McKenzys Pov

"I hate when guys say 'lol'" I say coming out of the dressing room. They know that they are like sisters to me. They are rolling on the floor laughing their asses off!! "We know"Kayla said trying to stop giggleing..but cant.
"Lets go..."I say As we are walking around the mall Kayla randomly stops and says "Ohh cute guys coming our way!!" Rachel snaps her head from her phone and says "Yeahh they are!! And curly is cheaking you out K!!" She says poking her arm..She rolls her eyes
Rachels Pov

"Yeah they are!! And curly is cheaking you out K!!" I say poking her arm. She rolls her eyes "Whatever!" She says just then the guys come over to us and the one with curly hair says "Ello love" looking at Kayla
(Sorry its short)

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